» » Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt Take a Tip from Selwyn (1974–1978)

Short summary

Mervyn hasn't paid the council tax and they won't collect the garbage. Selwyn decides to make a game for the campers. A trolley race to the dump. Only problem is the signs get mixed up and they are lost at a manor house. Selwyn gets lost in a tour and the campers are ordered to take the garbage back.

Episode complete credited cast:
Bill Maynard Bill Maynard - Selwyn Froggitt
Bernard Gallagher Bernard Gallagher - Mervyn Price
Ivor Salter Ivor Salter - Surly Man
Cyril Luckham Cyril Luckham - Duke
Fabia Drake Fabia Drake - Duchess
Len Marten Len Marten - Stately Home Guide
Bill Waddington Bill Waddington - Stately Home Warden
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