» » Vizcaíno el suertudo

Short summary

In search of a childhood love, a naive Dominican peasant arrives in New York with a 30-day visa, having to face the hasty reality of the city.

Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Frederick Martínez Frederick Martínez
Isaías Amaro Isaías Amaro
Rosmery 'Boquita' Almonte Rosmery 'Boquita' Almonte
Laura Acosta Laura Acosta
Jessica Medina Jessica Medina
Pipe García Pipe García - Vizcaíno
Isidro Rivera Isidro Rivera
Jeffrey Liranzo Jeffrey Liranzo
Amaury Collado Amaury Collado
Bolívar Balcácer Bolívar Balcácer
José Bonilla José Bonilla
Cristopher Marrero Cristopher Marrero
Ricardo Francisco Ricardo Francisco
Gerardina Arias Gerardina Arias
Julio Isidor Julio Isidor
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