» » Out of the Blue Episode #1.83 (2008– )

Short summary

Kirsten finally finds out that her mother is dying from cancer but when Angela refuses to have any more treatment as her cancer is at an advanced stage Kirsten accuses her of being selfish for not fighting for her life. Addo begins to fall for Stavva's girlfriend Amber. Stephen interviews Tracy and at the session she asks to see Bec. When Bec comes to see her she tells Bec that she is divorcing Jarrod and if Bec wants Jarrod she must fight for him and she gives her blessing to them. When Bec goes to the club she sees Jarrod and Zoe on one side and Stephen, Kirsten and Kyle on the other and is torn between both and eventually leaves the club.

Episode credited cast:
John Atkinson John Atkinson - Stephen Mulroney
Renai Caruso Renai Caruso - Rebecca 'Bec' Quilter
Charlotte Gregg Charlotte Gregg - Tracy O'Donnell
Daniel Henshall Daniel Henshall - Adam 'Addo' O'Donnell
Louis Hunter Louis Hunter - Kyle Mulroney
Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson - Ian 'Stavva' Jones
Charlie-Rose MacLennan Charlie-Rose MacLennan - Zoe O'Donnell
Amy Usherwood Amy Usherwood - Amber
Clayton Watson Clayton Watson - Jarrod O'Donnell
Samara Weaving Samara Weaving - Kirsten Mulroney
Roxane Wilson Roxane Wilson - Angela Mulroney
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