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Two skilled martial arts experts -Ryu and Ken- go out to fight against other fighters held on the streets in five countries.They must also face off against two undisputed muy-thai fighters from Thailand to become street fighter champion.

One year after the release of this game, Hudson Soft Inc. released a game called "Fighting Street" for the Turbo Grafx 16 platform. The game featured characters like Ryu, Ken and Sagat, plus some original ones.

Graffiti on the Lockheads pub wall in the Birdie Stage bears the name and likeness of Bill Cravens, who was the Capcom USA VP of Sales & Marketing.

Only Ken and Ryu are playable in this game.

While all subsequent Street Fighter games featured multiple punch/kick buttons of different intensity, this one featured only a single punch and a single kick button. How hard you hit the button determined the attack's intensity.

Adon, Gen, and Birdie all later reappeared in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

The final boss Sagat later appears in the revolutionary sequel Street Fighter II: The World Warrior [1991] as the third boss, he later becomes a playable character along with Ryu and Ken in the Street Fighter II editions [1992-2008], the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series [1995-2006], the Street Fighter EX series [1996-2000], the Capcom Vs. SNK series [1999-2003], the Street Fighter IV series [2008-2014], Street Fighter X Tekken [2012] and even SF: The Movie Game [1995].

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    • Author: Rivik
    The original Street Fighter will always be a stand out classic to me. It introduced the world to those two who are now LEGENDS in the fighting game scene:Ryu and Ken. Unfourtunatley, some people can't wake up and smell the coffee and realize that. Anyway, The ending's nothing fancy, but I still feel good every time I beat it. Go play this game if you ever see it in arcades.
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    • Author: Zymbl
    In an arcade, you give about 4 hits and the bad guy gets up and knocks you out in 1 hit. The true wonder of Street Fighter lies in the second game, which really brought arcades to life in the early 90's.

    I don't recommend this game, but S F 2 is worth playing!
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    • Author: Dalarin
    This is a total classic! If it weren't for this game, they wouldn't have all these other neat fighting games that we have today. I posted something in a message board one time saying they should re-release this on GBA, and one person said "No it sucks", and another said "Nah, SF1 was bad. SF2 was what started the craze!" They're both wrong! This is the game that started the whole Capcom fighting frenzy. I've beaten this game three times, it's simply one of the greatest Capcom games I ever played. Ryu and Ken are two young Street Fighters who set out to become Master Champion, they have to face 10 opponents:Joe, Mike, Retsu, Geki, Birdie, Eagle, Lee, Gen, and then finally:Adon and Sagat. Anyone will enjoy this game, it has a lousy ending, but it still makes me happy. If you see this game in arcades, go on and play it! DO NOT be afraid. And I have a message to all the people that hate SF1:Why don't you stop bitching and think about the past! Without SF1, we wouldn't have DarkStalkers (7 years later), and MVC (11 years later). So shut up! Let people enjoy this game!
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    • Author: Hellmaster
    I used to play this game a lot when I was a kid. It's unbelievably hard to beat opponents, but it was quite realistic for it's time. Most of the SF fans tend to ignore it as Street Fighter II was a great game, but you weren't able to get anything best by 1987 if you were looking for arcade action. Two known cheats: 1) doing a 'hook' while playing Mike in the US, where Mt Rushmore's president ear has a key inside; 2) when you get to the fist bonus stage where you are to break the 20 wood boards, if you do the 'hook' and it fits between the two guys on the right, you get your plane to Africa for a hidden bonus fight, just rocks. I hope I was able to get it back in my computer for continuous playing. If you are to get this game, definitely give it a try
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    • Author: Sagda
    Street Fighter was OK but not the best. When I first played this I thought this would be a start for the Street Fighter series. But this game was grimed.

    Some of the opponents were hard to beat and the A.I. was really cheap.

    But I got that far in this game, but I haven't had the chance to beat Sagat in this game. The only time I've gone that far in Street Fighter was facing Adon. Yeah the when the opponent beats you the talking was rubbish when they say "You got a lot to learn before you beat me, try again kiddo."

    So here is my advice to you people. Ignore this and play SF2 which is by far in my opinion the best Street Fighter game ever. Play this if you want to, but I don't recommend it.

    But this was a great beginning for a legendary fighting game series.
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