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    • Author: Thorgaginn
    Nothing's simpler than porn about a voyeur, and as its title suggests, this is one of them. Something Weird reissued it on Vol. 37 of its Dragon Art Theatre series, and it's satisfying for undiscriminating hardcore fans.

    The blond hero in his spiffy hat looks like Truman Capote (now THAT would have made for an interesting porn film!), working as a delivery boy but dallying to look through every window where sex is taking place. Shot silent, film suffers badly from a cornpone narration track -adult theatergoers back when were stuck but a modern audience can always opt for Mute.

    There are six segments in the all-sex format and several were arousing. First one features a woman cast for her Joyce Mandel-size amazing rack, and she is so good they bring her back for a second helping late in the film. The inevitable performers Ric Lutze and Rene Bond have sex with other thesps, never hooking up together here, and Rene is in her flat-chested mode.

    Finale has two attractive lesbians putting on a show, and when they spot him at the window, invite the hero to join in. Just as he's about to get some sugar at long last the print ends abruptly.
  • Uncredited cast:
    Rene Bond Rene Bond - Second Brunette (uncredited)
    Ric Lutze Ric Lutze - Guy in Green Shirt (uncredited)
    Nancy Martin Nancy Martin - Second Blonde (uncredited)
    Duane Paulsen Duane Paulsen - Blond Guy on Bed (uncredited)
    Rik Tazíner Rik Tazíner - Peeping Tom (voice) (uncredited)
    Linda Vroom Linda Vroom - Lesbian in White (uncredited)
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