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This movie is about a woman, Charlotte, who goes in search of the ultimate sexual experience.

Italian censorship visa # 66083 delivered on 25-2-1975.

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    • Author: Foiuost
    Back when the Playboy Channel was a novelty, I used to sneak in a few 'naughty' softcore movies here and there when my parents weren't looking. (This was years before the "V-Chip" and "parental controls.") So I caught this late one night since the previews had aroused my curiosity (besides the obvious.) I wish I hadn't bothered. (The English-dubbed version was simply known as "Charlotte.")

    TUBULAR BELLS had long before been one of my favorite pieces of music, and even after a portion of it was used in THE EXORCIST, it only mildly creeped me out, now that I knew it was only one piece of a wonderful composition. Well, I have Roger Vadim to thank for achieving what THAT movie had done only temporarily.

    Most of it was dull and slow-moving, and I fell asleep a couple of times. Then I woke up at just about the end of the movie. GREAT.


    So after all the usual heavy-handed symbolism, faux-debauchery and artsy-fartsy photography, the "romantic" lead male strangles the unlikable titular character to death during sex, after which he performs a REALLY horrific sex act on her "ex-mortis" before blowing his brains out, all to the lovely strains of Oldfield's music. NICE.

    For the next few months after that, I felt as repulsed by TUBULAR BELLS as poor Alex the Droog was by "old Ludwig Van" in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. The memory of this cinematic atrocity did recede into memory after a while, and now listening to TB is enjoyable again.

    I see that this movie has never been available on DVD. I hope it stays that way.
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    • Author: Jieylau
    Roger Vadim surpasses himself in this one: His acting is even worse than his direction. The story obviously wants to take a shocking look at the dark side of love as they take place - not surprisingly - in the world of the rich and famous. If it only were for this moral aspect, the film might have been entertaining; but in fact, the insights into the decadence are too "fashioned". Social reality in the 68-era was not about reaching to heights of hedonism, but this film acts as if. Don't worry to miss any clichés, there are all here: From the rich but strange billionaires son to the deranged homosexual and the nymphomaniac chick. It's all dressed in a sort of crime-story mainly told in flashbacks, with the least likable protagonist imaginable. Too sum up, this one is so bad and pretentious that it almost becomes interesting again just because of these qualities.
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    • Author: KiddenDan
    I must say I was surprised at a film being made with Auto Asphixia as a theme.Daring,but that's the French for you.The story of a love affair that goes wrong in its obsession and its kinkyness.My only regret was that Vadim didn't put Jane Fonda in this film rather then Barbarella for a few reasons(grin)
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    • Author: Use_Death
    Good movie, very 70s, you can not expect much from a film like this,, Sirpa Lane is an actress of erotic films, a nice body but nothing exceptional savant to a pornographic actress from the body disappears, but the '70s were characterized a small breasts and a simple eroticism. Not demand a lot from these films are light years away from the movies today, the world has changed incredibly. The plot is simple and the actors not extraordinary. And the brunette actress has a single body, has one breast slightly bigger. Be satisfied. Papaya also is not great but at least these films have a certain charm ... Download them again but then again who knows what you pretend not to them.
  • Complete credited cast:
    Sirpa Lane Sirpa Lane - Charlotte Marley
    Michel Duchaussoy Michel Duchaussoy - Serge
    Mathieu Carrière Mathieu Carrière - Eric von Schellenberg
    Roger Vadim Roger Vadim - Georges Viguier
    Alexandre Astruc Alexandre Astruc - L'éditeur Guy
    Anne-Marie Deschodt Anne-Marie Deschodt - Eliane
    Elisabeth Wiener Elisabeth Wiener - Elisabeth
    Thérèse Liotard Thérèse Liotard - Louise
    Sabine Glaser Sabine Glaser - Agnès
    Anthony Steffen Anthony Steffen - Le Prince Sforza
    Annie Noël Annie Noël - La caissière
    Louis Arbessier Louis Arbessier - Le père du Charlotte
    Josette Harmina Josette Harmina - La mère du Charlotte
    Igor Lafaurie Igor Lafaurie - Le frère
    Lilian Grumbach Lilian Grumbach - La femme de l'éditeur Guy
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