» » Il tesoro delle Fiji Mutiny (2007– )

Short summary

Following the Salty duo's cryptic clues to 'search deep' for the second part of the treasure map, Tyler's trio enters the dangerous enchanted forest, where the girls get arguing, but end up making up and using the mask the right way. On board the pirate ship, dumb Dugal prevents smart Marty from warning the captain for an impending mutiny by keeping him on chores till it's too late: Lily has seized command and forces him to swear loyalty on his knees or be beached with Blackheart and Dugal; Marty's fate on board seems no more enviable afterward, while Blackheart now calls him a mutineer too...

Episode complete credited cast:
John Noble John Noble - Blackheart
Kain O'Keeffe Kain O'Keeffe - Tyler Bradden
Adelaide Clemens Adelaide Clemens - Alison
Sera Tikotikoivatu Sera Tikotikoivatu - Kirra
Joseph Atkins Joseph Atkins - Marty Bradden (as Joey Atkins)
Wame Valentine Wame Valentine - Sol
Nathan Vernon Nathan Vernon - Henry
Jim Daly Jim Daly - Dugal
Robert Grubb Robert Grubb - Salty Ben
Tony Nikolakopoulos Tony Nikolakopoulos - Cannonball Bob
Bert LaBonté Bert LaBonté - Sharktooth Pete (as Bert Labonte)
Bay Abbey Bay Abbey - Scurvy Bill
Francisco Dos Santos Francisco Dos Santos - Nick the Knot
Archie Leon Rounds Archie Leon Rounds - The Keeper
Saskia Burmeister Saskia Burmeister - Pirate Lily
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