» » The Professor's Scary Movie Show Halloween Special (On The Vortexx) (2015– )

Short summary

The Professor presents the "Night of the Living Dead". Made on a budget of $114,000, this groundbreaking chiller forever changed the way zombies are portrayed in the movies. The Professor has a few additional Halloween treats in store for us as well, including Louis Lumiere's stop-motion short Le Squelette Joyeux (1898), some very funny zombie-themed TV commercials presented by Witch Cinders, and Halloween greetings from the cast and crew who also appear in the the JibJab featurettes Funky Ghost and Things that Make You Go Mmmmmm.

Episode cast overview:
Paul Gerard Kennedy Paul Gerard Kennedy - Man / Male Dancer / Bowler Hat Ghost / Frankenstein's Monster / Tin Man
Denise Behringer Denise Behringer - Witch Cinders / Zombie Cop / Prison Ghost / Witch / Pumpkin
Susan Batho Susan Batho - Herself
Graeme Batho Graeme Batho - Himself
Colin Paul Briscoe Colin Paul Briscoe - Col, The Adventurer / Zombie Mutant / Zombie in Library / Metaluna Mutant (as Colin Briscoe)
Charles Taranto Charles Taranto - Chuck, The Projectionist / Male Dancer / Top Hat Ghost / Werewolf / Daisy
Julie Taranto Julie Taranto - Leopard Lady / Zombie Woman / Female Singer / White Ghost / Mummy / Cat
Dejah Thoris Dejah Thoris - Ape / Pink Faced Guitarist / Woman (as Mychelle Kennedy)
Tars Tarkas Tars Tarkas - Vampire / Purple Faced Guitarist / Pirate Ghost (as Dj Slim Brady)
Sara Parkhouse Sara Parkhouse - Skeleton
Lee Parkhouse Lee Parkhouse - Vampire
Nigel Honeybone Nigel Honeybone - Himself (archive footage)
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