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Short summary

Starfire heads back to her home planet for her marriage. The Titans follow her.

When Galfore greets Starfire, he speaks Tamaranean and utters the word, "Koriand'r." Koriand'r is how you pronounce Starfire's real Tamaranean name. [Blackfire's real name is Komand'r].

The Tamaranean dish "Glorg" was first seen in Teen Titans: Terra (2004).

The T-Sub was previously used for space travel in Teen Titans: Transformation (2004).

The Tamaranean bagpipes played at Starfire's wedding were also seen in Teen Titans: Only Human (2004).

The comic book series had a storyline where Starfire was forced to marry a Tamaranean Prince named Karras to keep peace. This happened in "The New Teen Titans" (vol. 2) #13-23. Unlike this animated series, Starfire actually went through with the marriage in the comics, which ended her relationship with Nightwing [formerly Robin].

In the comic books, Starfire had two living parents - Myand'r and Luand'r - who were the king and queen of Tamaran. They later perished when Tamaran was destroyed in "New Titans" #128. She also had a younger brother, Ryand'r. Galfore never appeared in the comics and was created for the animated series.

In the comics, Starfire is indeed the Princess of Tamaran and rightful successor to the throne. Her older sister, Blackfire, should have been bestowed that honor. But Blackfire was born without the power to harness the sun's energies, so she was overlooked for the throne. This made her bitter towards her own people - and her rage was often directed at Starfire, who received honors that should have been hers. The full story is revealed in "Tales of the New Teen Titans" (mini series) #4.

Just like the comics, Blackfire wrested control of Tamaran and became its queen in the same story where Starfire was married, in "The New Teen Titans" (vol. 2) #13-23.

Galfore also uses the phrase, "X'Hal" [pronounced as "Xzhal"]. X'Hal is a living battle goddess worshiped by much of the Vegan System, including Tamaran. In the comics, Starfire quite often uttered the exclamation "X'Hal." On the balcony scene, Starfire even says, "Thank X'Hal you..."

Episode credited cast:
Scott Menville Scott Menville - Robin (voice)
Greg Cipes Greg Cipes - Beast Boy (voice)
Khary Payton Khary Payton - Cyborg (voice)
Hynden Walch Hynden Walch - Starfire / Blackfire (voice)
Tara Strong Tara Strong - Raven (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker - Glgrdsklechhh (voice)
Alan Shearman Alan Shearman - Galfore (voice)
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