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It's Thanksgiving and Steve and Mary are not having an easy time preparing. But their Aunt who took care of them after their mother left shows up to spend Thanksgiving with them. Steve then gets a call that a body was found in a drum of lye. It's hard for the body to be identified but they do; he's a secret service agent. Steve goes to his supervisor and tells him his agent is dead. He tells Steve the President is coming. When they identify the man who could have killed the agent and learn he's a professional assassin and that he could be there to get the President. They inform the agent who tells them that the President is coming so they have to find the assassin.

"Hau'oli La Ho'omoaika'I" translates to "Happy Thanksgiving" in English.

The incidental music when Air Force One is on the runway seems strongly influenced by the film score for the 1997 movie Air Force One, composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

California's Prop 215, the medical marijuana law, doesn't describe specific illnesses nor does it limit a medicinal marijuana referral/prescription to any type of diagnosis. Any licensed medical doctor may give a patient a medical marijuana referral for any reason they deem medically necessary. This could include cataracts.

Carol Burnett guest-starred twice on "Magnum, P.I.," a show that co-starred Larry Manetti, who is also in this episode.

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    • Author: Thordira
    Great episode, was so wonderful to see the great performer Carol Brunette as part of this program. She really showed her professional maturity, bringing a song to a police drama which has probably the most liked historic, opening song. A bit of a tear-jerker, yet well done. Again, as I believe to be a proved point, that being a comedian requires the greater acting skill, she is truly an American classic, excellent in both arenas. A bit eccentric, yet it is very typical for the role, she showed a rebellious side in some sensitive areas; however, I believe it also was in context with the secret that she was trying to carry herself. The normal cast did a great job of making it a sidebar, while performing their on-going investigation. Also brought a little insight that not all family gatherings turn out as an ideal, yet there can be give and take under the most difficult circumstances. Thanks to your casting director for having so a great a performer as part of the cast. I enjoy the show, it has done well to remember it's tradition.
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    • Author: Mr_NiCkNaMe
    The very talented Carol Burnett is one of my all time favorite actresses. It was lovely to see her as a guest on the show. Though her character is supposed to be dying, she is not gone yet. I hope that she will make more appearances. I like that they are exploring the family backgrounds of the team and hope that they will continue to do so. It gives depth to both the characters and the story-lines.
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    • Author: Samardenob
    Hawaii Five 0 Team get a lot during Thanksgiving as seems that Grover and McGarrett are on good terms. But now that Chi McBride is a regular. Hopefully they will butt heads and be on good terms at the same time.

    While they also are investigating the death of a Secret Service agent. Carol Burnett makes an appearance as Steve's aunt Deb. As she is not just there to see him which has been for years. But she also has a terminal brain cancer and gets busted for having medical marijuana. And won't seek treatment.

    Saying that she wants Steve and sister Mary, whom she was closer to than Steve, to remember her for who she is.

    They manage to get the agent's killer as the killer was not targeting the President. But someone from the past. As they get the assassin and celebrate the Thanksgiving season with Aunt Deb, before she dies.

    Carol Burnett gets to sing a song for her nephew and niece to create a lasing memory. Hate it that she won't be on anymore episodes. But it was such a nice Thanksgiving Hawaiian style.
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    • Author: Bluecliff
    I normally really like this program, but this episode was truly awful.

    It appears the meeting in the writing room went something like this. 'Alright its Thanksgiving weekend - we've got 30 mins to write an episode. Lets put something patriotic in - President - check. Sentimental - dying relative. Check. We better mention Kono, she hasn't been mentioned for 2 episodes. I cant really remember where we were going with it, can we tie that all together?

    nah don't worry about that. I'll give it to my 8 year old and they can write it. Brilliant, lets go home!'.

    The 'crime' that needed to be investigated could have been much better executed - instead it was lazily done. The Secret Service looked inept, the reason the President was coming to Hawaii was pathetic and appeared to have been thrown in at the last minute as an after thought. They never explained properly the reason the actual target was the target and for a world renowned assassin - he was a rubbish shot, didn't seem to understand CCTV, and was a weak half baked character. The sentimental aspect of the episode was taken from the cliché book - A-Z - why kill off a character we've never met and we don't care about. The song at the end was unnecessary - all in all - this has got to be the worst episode I've seen. The writers should be fined an episodes wages for this, if this is the way the program is going to go then it should be cancelled. The Kono story line has been lost and they are trying to find a way back and failing. The problem may come from having too many episodes - the story arcs are not sharp enough then. Perhaps this is a perfect example of quantity over quality.
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    • Author: Brick my own
    Sorry folks, the show seen on November 22 was not the one described in the above title.

    Carol Burnett guest stars in this episode as Aunt Deb McGarrett, who comes to see Steve and Mary only to tell them that she is fatally ill. She wants them to remain close when the end comes for her.

    The president is also supposed to be arriving at this time and there appears to be an assassination plot against him. A nosy neighbor informs five-o about a mysterious guy who has already killed a secret- service agent.

    While it turns out that the president was not the target of the plot, it was never fully revealed why someone else was.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Alex O'Loughlin Alex O'Loughlin - Steve McGarrett
    Scott Caan Scott Caan - Danny Williams
    Daniel Dae Kim Daniel Dae Kim - Chin Ho Kelly
    Grace Park Grace Park - Kono Kalakaua
    Michelle Borth Michelle Borth - Catherine Rollins
    Carol Burnett Carol Burnett - Deb McGarrett
    Larry Manetti Larry Manetti - Nicky 'The Kid' Demarco
    Taylor Wily Taylor Wily - Kamekona
    Paul Ben-Victor Paul Ben-Victor - Agent Devin Campbell
    Al Harrington Al Harrington - Mamo Kahike
    Taryn Manning Taryn Manning - Mary Ann McGarrett
    Chi McBride Chi McBride - Lou Grover
    Dennis Chun Dennis Chun - Sgt. Duke Lukela
    Teilor Grubbs Teilor Grubbs - Grace Williams
    Shawn Mokuahi Garnett Shawn Mokuahi Garnett - Flippa
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