» » Bad Business (2019)

Short summary

To try to mend a broken relationship, James and Janet Willabee go on a couples' retreat. When one of their friends brings along a new fling with a secret, the Willabee's weekend of retreat turns deadly.

Credited cast:
Autmn Betters Autmn Betters - Chelsea Rice
Kenny Bosley Kenny Bosley - BSE Count
Dom Campbell Dom Campbell - Officer Lainey
Courtney Godsey Courtney Godsey - Michelle Brown
Mohammed Al Harbi Mohammed Al Harbi - The Spy
Kiera Harris Kiera Harris - Janet Willabee
Atyauna Jones Atyauna Jones - Alexis
Warren Marks Warren Marks - Andre Rice
Zajia Nadal Zajia Nadal - Starr
Ademola Richards Ademola Richards - Detective Carter
Jordan Charles Walker Jordan Charles Walker - James Willabee
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