» » Team Umizoomi Doctor Bot (2010–2015)

Short summary

The team gets a call from their friend Mike, who is at Umi City Skate Park riding his new scooter. When Mike falls and scrapes his knee, Bot knows exactly what will make Mike feel better: a bandage. Bot, Milli and Geo race to the skate park to get the bandage to Mike.

Episode credited cast:
Dante Hoagland Dante Hoagland - (voice)
Ethan Kempner Ethan Kempner - Geo (voice)
Soo Kim Soo Kim - (voice)
Vanessa Lemonides Vanessa Lemonides - (voice)
Donovan Patton Donovan Patton - Bot (voice)
Chris Phillips Chris Phillips - DoorMouse (voice)
Kate Simses Kate Simses - (voice)
Ripley Sobo Ripley Sobo
Jennifer Twomey Jennifer Twomey - (voice)
P.T. Walkley P.T. Walkley - (voice)
Madeleine Yen Madeleine Yen - Milli (voice) (as Madeleine Rose Yen)
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