» » Top Wing - Helden mit zwei Flügeln Penny's Deep Sea Dive/Rod's Big Jump (2017– )

Short summary

Penny's friend Salty doesn't love crowds, but when Penny gets trapped rescuing his old boat, Salty has to get Team Top Wing to help! Rod tries to earn three jump badges in one day. It looks like he won't succeed, until someone needs his help!

Episode credited cast:
Colin Doyle Colin Doyle - Speedy (voice)
Lucas Kalechstein Lucas Kalechstein - Brody (voice)
Scott Law Scott Law - Commodore Smurkturkski
Shirley Manson Shirley Manson - Chirp And Cheep (voice)
Abigail Oliver Abigail Oliver - Penny (voice)
Ethan Pugiotto Ethan Pugiotto - Rod (voice)
Matthew Sweet Matthew Sweet - Salty Seawalrus (voice)
Jonah Wineberg Jonah Wineberg - Swift (voice)
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