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Yanni returns to his homeland, on a Greek island, after several years in London. Soon he is searching for his teenager passion, Elena. She is a married woman now, and adultery leads to violence and crime.

This was reportedly funded by nine wealthy Cypriots in an attempt to start up an indigenous film industry.

Richard Johnson and Raquel Welsh took no salary, just expenses and a share of the profits. The movie went unreleased for many years.

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    • Author: Mejora
    A very faithful adaptation of Emile Zola's THERESE RAQUIN set on a remote Greek isle and quite ambitious if not entirely successful. Raquel Welch plays a rural peasant who's extramarital lust leads to murder but her contemporary beauty (flared nostrils, lustrous mane, and blindingly white teeth) end up a barrier to the suspension of disbelief and the lady's histrionics aren't always up to the task, either -especially when clinging to the legs of her dead husband's paralyzed mother, begging for forgiveness. On the plus side, there's able assistance from such experienced thesps as Flora Robson, Jack Hawkins, and Richard Johnson to keep things moving in the right direction. Not half as bad as I thought it would be.
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    • Author: Bloodfire
    The subject of this film is passion; unfortunately, it is a film remarkably devoid of passion, despite its scenario that offers illicit love, jealousy and murder, and its location, set and filmed upon Cyprus, utilizing a cast that includes Greek Cypriots as supporting players and extras, and as well that splendid quality of light for which the island is noted, showcased here by cinematographer Marcello Gatti. Richard Johnson portrays Orestes, returning to his village following an absence of 15 years, to receive a bequest from his recently deceased father, and where he promptly begins an amour with the wife, Elena (Raquel Welch), of a long-time friend, she being very bored with an unrewarding existence, but their affair is suspected, leading to a grotesquely senseless climax for a film marked throughout with stylistic excesses. Actors generally relish taking on roles that appear atypical for them, but in this work some of the casting is simply too quaint, a suspension of disbelief beggared by attempts to accept Johnson as a turbulent Greek, poorly made up Flora Robson as Cypriot materfamilias, and especially Jack Hawkins as Eastern Orthodox priest, while ever decorative Welch plays herself, and the direction of Yorgo Pan Cosmatos checks a potential perception of believability in a viewer dealing with an overly episodic storyline.
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    • Author: Marirne
    Raquel Welch gets stuck with a role here which provides no range, no emotion, no expression, and very little dialogue. The picture, drably set in a peasant village on a Greek island, has an unhappily married woman and her husband, a whiny field worker, torn apart when the husband's estranged best friend returns home and sexually satisfies the wife. There is one dance scene where Raquel flashes her panties (and I loved all that chestnut hair falling across her shoulders), but this low-budget drama has nothing else interesting to draw upon (even the locals are made to seem dull). MGM financed this fiasco, but after taking one look at it, they nixed plans for an American release (it did play in the U.K. and several other countries as "Sin"). A low-end film distribution company released it briefly to theaters in 1979 as "Restless", and that title stuck when Vidmark put it out on video in 1987. "Lifeless" might have been more apropos. NO STARS from ****
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    • Author: Elastic Skunk
    ***SPOILERS*** A pretty tedious film enlivened only by Raquel welch looking a million dollars as a greek peasant girl. Richard johnson is okay but everyone else is sleepwalking. The way the two stars end up trapped on the island by the locals was an idea that could have provided better tension. Spoiler alert!The whole ending is rather confusing though, and poor raquel really suffers, her lover duffs her up, she is seemingly raped by a bunch of kids (all we get is close ups of Raquel tossing her hair around, cut to her with all her cloths torn) and then stabbed to death at the end.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Raquel Welch Raquel Welch - Elena
    Richard Johnson Richard Johnson - Orestes
    Jack Hawkins Jack Hawkins - Father Nicholas
    Flora Robson Flora Robson - Antigone
    Renato Romano Renato Romano - Yanni
    Dimitris Hadjivangelou Dimitris Hadjivangelou
    Maro Kafkaridou Maro Kafkaridou
    Dinos Lyras Dinos Lyras
    Andreas Nicolis Andreas Nicolis
    Elli Panayotou Elli Panayotou - Elias Aletras
    Françoise Pascal Françoise Pascal - Papis Filipides
    Elena Tournazi Elena Tournazi
    Ismene Zachariadou Ismene Zachariadou
    Lenia Sorocou Lenia Sorocou
    Natalia Stefanou Natalia Stefanou - Maro Kafkaridou
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