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Will and his date double dates with Ashley and her boyfriend. Will is overly protective of Ashley that it ruins everyone's fun.

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    • Author: Arakus
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

    Stop Will! In The Name Of Love

    The origin of Will Smith's fame and too many mentions from The Graham Norton Show got me to binge watch this series which I think has a potential to be a typical one-time-watch sitcom. The creators made the relations pretty much clear from the first frame now all one seek and wait for is their character development through this journey with hopefully no dips on content or humor. The relation between Will Smith and Tatyana Ali seems interesting (something to look forward especially when she grows up) and is definitely supposed to bring the laughs whilst with James Avery there is a soft spot hidden in there.

    After third season one can easily deduce that the bonding between Alfonso Rebeiro and Will Smith despite of being polar opposite in nature and taste that they rely upon. Having said that, the other characters are left undercooked except for James Avery whose portrayal as a disturbed father of teen kids is brilliant. Karyn Parsons' same old ideology may provide a laugh here and there but it can also annoy you.

    The writer surely ran out of ideas on "Valentine's" which itches down the throat throughout the episode since the forced input of lame one-liners is clearly visible which even though works, doesn't fit in any possible way.
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    • Author: Mikale
    It's Valentine's Day. Will takes Ashley on a double date and acts even worse than uncle Phil. Uncle Phil forgets the day so he doesn't have anything special for Vivian.

    I loved Carlton and Hilary the most in this episode. She was great. The whole thing in the kitchen was hilarious. Especially when she ripped the microwave door off to get the repair guy to come back. And Carlton with his adorable dancing and singing can never go wrong
  • Episode cast overview:
    Will Smith Will Smith - Will Smith
    James Avery James Avery - Philip Banks
    Daphne Reid Daphne Reid - Vivian Banks (as Daphne Maxwell Reid)
    Alfonso Ribeiro Alfonso Ribeiro - Carlton Banks
    Karyn Parsons Karyn Parsons - Hilary Banks
    Tatyana Ali Tatyana Ali - Ashley Banks (as Tatyana M. Ali)
    Joseph Marcell Joseph Marcell - Geoffrey Butler
    Branford Marsalis Branford Marsalis - Duane
    Brandon Quintin Adams Brandon Quintin Adams - Bryan (as Brandon Adams)
    Amy Hunter Amy Hunter - Samantha
    Thomas Bellin Thomas Bellin - Rude Old Guy
    Tara Davis Tara Davis - Girl
    David Tyler David Tyler - Timid Guy
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