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High school senior Casey finds herself seduced into the fast lifestyle of a call girl ring run by a campus police officer and must pull herself out before she loses all self-control.
Although 17-year-old Casey Benson is the new girl in town, she is quickly befriended by a group of cheerleaders at her school. But when her attitude and behavior begins to change, her mother, Holly begins to question her whereabouts. She soon finds out that Casey is doing more than cheering - she is spending her evenings on dates with wealthy older men.

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Caitlin Thompson, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsay Taylor and Arden Cho were all in their mid to late twenties while the actresses play teenagers in this film.

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    • Author: Bluddefender
    Terrific Lifetime film dealing with a girl, a straight A student, who is drawn into the seedy side of life when she breaks up with her boyfriend and then discovers that her parents are divorcing after 19 years of marriage.

    The fast money, the lure into a world of degradation has led her high school friends into this and she is also drawn in. The film shows that even when she at first disavows this kind of life, her home environment drives her to it.

    What is more horrible is that a police officer is running this so called escort service. He refers to himself as a manager rather than a pimp. Don't play with the guy. He knows the system and he knows how to get rough. The guy playing this nasty role looks like a younger version of the guy who played Perry Mason's assistant in the later years of that wonderful show. I wonder if that is his father.

    An excellent film, entertaining and appropriate for today's world.
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    • Author: Hawk Flying
    Just finished watching this Lifetime made for TV movie titled "Walking the Halls" and it's interesting and sexy while being filled with drama and tense emotion while learning life lessons, which is typical of a Lifetime movie. It centers around a group of high school girls who are lured into a call girl ring they live the high life, yet the life of pleasure and erotic feel good earn money has it's downside like dealing with drugs, freak customers, an a mean pimp.

    Set in California a high school senior named Caitlin Thompson(Casey Benson)is out of touch she's not in the click and wants to become more popular, well she's recruited by a trio of girls Amber(Marie Avgeropoulos),Taylor(Lindsay Taylor), and Kylie(Arden Cho)to join them with a male friend who's the school security guard to go out to the clubs and social functions to meet men. Soon Casey learns that after making love to the men the guys pay just like a client and call girl relationship! It hurts at first, but Casey can't turn down good money, and mom Holly(Jamie Luner from "Melrose Place", "Peyton's Place" and "Savannah")is getting a divorce from unfaithful and dishonest dad Christopher(Al Sapienza). Yet as most dramas of high life play out they crash for all as the high life goes back to the honest normal way of living.

    Still this film is a good watch as it teaches life lessons of trust and honesty and it showcases a different world for young girls as the high life is about exposure and money and sex. Plenty of eye candy scenes of the young girls wearing sexy colored bras most memorable is seeing Taylor in a purple one and Casey in a light green blue colored one! Good original movie that's entertaining and interesting catch it sometime on Lifetime.
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    • Author: Geny
    Casey (Caitlin Thompson) has a heartbreaking rift with her boyfriend Jeremy (Isiah Adams). Afterwards, in her moment of weakness, she is recruited into a high school prostitution ring by three other girls (Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsay Taylor, Arden Cho). The ring is run by Jack (Matthew Alan) the school security guard. Casey is reluctant at first, but when her parents decide to divorce and mom becomes screenplay broke, Casey decides the money is not that dirty.

    Casey poses some problems which leads to a culmination of bad script writing and an inane ending. This appears to be a Lifetime movie which accounts for the boredom you get while watching.

    Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. Off screen sex. Sex talk. Eye candy in bikinis.
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    • Author: I love Mercedes
    Yes it's a Lifetime movie, which seems to carry a certain kind of stigma, but these movies must please their demographic or why would they keep on making them? Does "Walking the Halls" apease them? I think so

    The movie started off well and held my interest. The acting was okay, and the characters believable. I don't know how common or uncommon it is to have a call girl ring start out of a high school, the topic itself -- sex in exchange for money -- is one I think a lot of young girls can identify with these days, that the temptation, or even pressure, is alwys there, coming from other girls, men, and media, and it's especially tough when things get shaky financially. No wonder so many girls get caught up in that kind of lifestyle, including Casey (Caitlin Thompson). We learn through her how one can get caught up and what can happen when someone does and gets in over their head.

    In the end, "Walking the Halls" is an entertaining film with points that might hit close to home for a lot of young women today, so props for that.
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    • Author: Viashal
    This movie is probably most positive surprise I experienced in a movie industry in a last few years.

    First thing I expected here is a short skirts & sexy legs teenage chick flick movie to relax my eyes a bit, but then I was stunned not only with that, but with a truthful and very real presentation of todays girl's teenage life also where money, sex and girl's minds about that matter takes very real and serious part. All story is followed by amazing display of a Jamie Luner as a normal, carry and concerned mother.

    First half of a movie is simply surprising experience to watch with a great acting and screenplay. As movie continues to end, it seems like a director lost quality maintained in a first part of a movie (after not convincing cop and pimp packed in one took major role) why I take 2 stars off out of a expected 10. Matthew Alan should performed here much much better.

    This movie is a mix of everything and it will open eyes to many viewers about importance of parents and honesty in life, more then fame and selfish independence.

    Anyway, great job from a modern instant TV movie production worth of watching way more then just once.
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    • Author: Darksinger
    My nickname for Caitlin refers to her appearance on 90210 in the episode "A Tale of Two Parties" where the poor kid got way, way, way tipsy at her bachelorette party which was held in an aquarium, and tried setting the 'sharkies' free by smashing a tank. Prior to that she went "yummers" while downing the spiked punch, a setup by the Naomi Clark character. It's one of my all-time favorite scenes, and upon encountering it in April this year, I Googled Caitlin Thompson and found WALKING THE HALLS. A girl as beautiful as that, I had to have the DVD. I understood it to be a TV movie, and recently found out that it was a Lifetime TV movie (and lots of disparaging things are said about that and is bound to be true), but I remained undaunted. As long as Caitlin is in there.

    Big bummer for me is that one of my all- time favorite actresses also appear in WALKING THE HALLS, but this is 15 years after her glory years and time has not treated her well. It's not as if it is in any way a flaw, it is just sad for me to experience. I prefer to stay away from this subject, though. The sad part of RavenGlamDVDCollector is knowing that the pretty flowers wilt very soon.

    Movie itself has plenty of really bad flaws. We have a psycho pimp who at the drop of a hint of things not going his way, goes for a handgun? Come on! What a cardboard character!

    But as a showcase for pretty girls... Wow! Caitlin is up there with the best of the best Hollywood ever offered in the looks department, and she is every bit convincing in her part. Good thing too that the bad girl of the story is not another cardboard character. Quite the opposite, really. And I was surprised to find that Marie Avgeropoulos stole my attention away from Caitlin several times. Another pretty girl to mention is Lindsay Taylor - her part wasn't that big, but she was another scene stealer.

    But okay, everybody is yelling at me now, stop being on about the pretty girls, What About The Movie?

    The TV movie plays to the largest common denominator, i.e. the housewife. Wivey wouldn't want the kids to watch something that doesn't fit in with her view of the world, and she'd especially not want hubby to watch something that doesn't fit in with her view of the world, especially not if they are wearing bikinis. Through the years, TV shows have suffered for playing too much to the male audience, most notably the 'notorious' ill-fated NIGHTINGALES (1989), and even the successful CHARLIE'S ANGELS (1976 - 1981) had major detractors. You'd think that in this day and age it would be different. But no, TV movies play to win over the chief of the household. This leads to certain corny flaws in this movie. For the evil man has to be a supremely evil man. Cut and dried, one- dimensional, cookie-cutter style. I found it very unbelievable that a pimp would be that unprofessional. In real life, I'm sure he would be the exact opposite. But this character is every Mother's nightmare, a seemingly respectful guy in a most noble profession in a position of trust. I still say in real life a guy with a setup like that wouldn't make it till sunset before the stories go spiraling through the halls about Officer Jack who is supposed to be a policeman but hangs out on campus checking out the dolly-birds and pimping them. Lifetime movies also seem to hold the particular distinction that if a teenage girl has sex she is endangering her parents, the psychos will swoop down upon them.

    It is very, very wrong for teenage girls to engage in any illicit act of sex, and chances are that many of them do. But if you're telling a morality tale, let's keep it more real, huh? But that would bring a much darker tale. Prostitution will eventually lead to the situation where the girl will have to do something heinous with a nasty customer. There is more than enough horror in that. Drugs would invariably play a big part, blotting out reality (as shown with Lindsay Taylor's character). The dirt involved alone would be enough to frighten them off once and for all, so we don't really need a script with a gun-waving pimp staging family suicides. But this way the story is just more acceptable for Family Values, as violent psychos are common TV film fare, and acceptable to view in a decent God-fearing household.

    Instead of a more complex movie, the easy way out is to film these crazy psycho scripts, using violence as the ribbon festooning the package sold to the network.

    But okay, superficial old me, I collect the glamorous DVDs. I'm more than happy. Babes, rating 10 - 10.
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    • Author: Phalaken
    Casey Benson (Caitlin Thompson) is a smart senior in high school. Her insensitive boyfriend breaks up with her and she lashes out. Amber (Marie Avgeropoulos) takes an interest. Amber, Taylor (Lindsay Taylor) and Kylie (Arden Cho) bring her into a world of club-going call girls working for police officer Jack (Matthew Alan). Her mother Holly (Jamie Luner) wants to invest in her friend Maggie (Darlene Vogel)'s restaurant but her father Christopher disapproves. He's taken out all their money.

    This is a Lifetime message movie. Normally I complain about twenty somethings playing teenagers but the subject matter can't be handled any other way. Caitlin Thompson is cute and hot but not particularly charismatic. Casey could be more compelling if she's a shy loner who gets taken by Amber's wolf pack. Avgeropoulos is more compelling but without an interesting Casey, the movie falls flat. It's overwrought and not compelling.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Jamie Luner Jamie Luner - Holly Benson
    Caitlin Thompson Caitlin Thompson - Casey Benson
    Al Sapienza Al Sapienza - Christopher Benson
    Marie Avgeropoulos Marie Avgeropoulos - Amber
    Matthew Alan Matthew Alan - Jack
    Lindsay Taylor Lindsay Taylor - Taylor
    Arden Cho Arden Cho - Kylie
    Jason-Shane Scott Jason-Shane Scott - Max
    Darlene Vogel Darlene Vogel - Maggie
    John Wiltshire John Wiltshire - W
    Patricia Belcher Patricia Belcher - Principal Jenkins
    Galadriel Stineman Galadriel Stineman - Emma
    Isiah Adams Isiah Adams - Jeremy
    Brad Benedict Brad Benedict - Yale
    James Stellos James Stellos - Baxter
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