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Souten Kouro's story is based loosely on the events taking place in Three Kingdoms period of China during the life of the last Chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao (155 - March 15, 220), who also serves as the main character. The Three Kingdoms period has been a popular theme in Japanese manga for decades, but Souten Kouro differs greatly from most of the others on several points. One significant difference is its highly positive portrayal of its main character, Cao Cao, who is traditionally the antagonist in not only Japanese manga, but also most novel versions of the Three Kingdoms period, including the original 14th century version, Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. Another significant difference from others is that the storyline primarily uses the original historical account of the era, Records of Three Kingdoms by Chen Shou, as a reference rather than the aforementioned Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. By this, the traditional hero of Romance of the ...

It is based on the three kingdoms in the years 155 - March 15, 220 in China and is the last emperor of the Han Dynasty Cao Cao.

Series cast summary:
Isshin Chiba Isshin Chiba - Cao, Ren 2 episodes, 2009
Hisao Egawa Hisao Egawa - Cao, Hong 2 episodes, 2009
Tetsu Inada Tetsu Inada - Xiahou, Yuan 2 episodes, 2009
Rikiya Koyama Rikiya Koyama - Lu Bü 2 episodes, 2009
Takeshi Kusao Takeshi Kusao - Xiahou, Dun 2 episodes, 2009
Mamoru Miyano Mamoru Miyano - Cao, Cao 2 episodes, 2009
Ken'ichi Morozumi Ken'ichi Morozumi - Guan, Yu 2 episodes, 2009
Toshiharu Sakurai Toshiharu Sakurai - Xu, Chu 2 episodes, 2009
Nozomu Sasaki Nozomu Sasaki - Emperor / - 2 episodes, 2009
Takaaki Seki Takaaki Seki - Zhang, Fei 2 episodes, 2009
Tomokazu Seki Tomokazu Seki - Liu, Bei 2 episodes, 2009
Jian Sun Jian Sun 2 episodes, 2009
Masaki Terasoma Masaki Terasoma - Yuan, Shao 2 episodes, 2009
Houchuu Tsuka Houchuu Tsuka - Dong, Zhuo 2 episodes, 2009
Hiroyuki Yoshino Hiroyuki Yoshino - Xun, Yu 2 episodes, 2009
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