» » The Fat Albert Halloween Special (1977)

Short summary

While attempting their Halloween mischief, the kids get the ultimate scare from the lady who lives in the spooky house by the graveyard. When some of the kids do not return from trick-or-treating, which Cosby kid will show the most courage?

When Fat Albert and his friends go to the movie theater, there is a poster on the lobby wall for a movie called, "The Chicken Heart That Ate New York." This is a reference to one of Bill Cosby's early stand-up comedy routines, called "Chicken Heart," in which Cosby describes listening to the 1940's radio show, "Inner Sanctum," as a child, and being scared to death by an episode featuring a giant chicken heart that ate New York City.

In some cuts of the Halloween Special, the movie playing at the theater is actually an episode of Space Academy (another Filmation production). The movie screen is never seen but the music and sound effects are clearly taken from that production.

Credited cast:
Bill Cosby Bill Cosby - Fat Albert / Bill / Mushmouth / Mudfoot Brown (voice)
Jan Crawford Jan Crawford - Russell / Bucky (voice)
Gerald Edwards Gerald Edwards - Devery / Weird Harold (voice)
Eric Suter Eric Suter - Rudy (voice)
Erika Scheimer Erika Scheimer - Diesel (voice) (as Erika Carroll)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jay Scheimer Jay Scheimer - Ms. Backwater (voice)
Lou Scheimer Lou Scheimer - Dumb Donald (voice)
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