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Andrea and Michonne see a helicopter crash and they head to the spot to seek out survivors to help them. However a group of armed men arrives together and they hide in the wood. The men take the pilot from the helicopter and the women are surprised by Merle. The group takes Andrea and Michonne to their community in Woodbury where the women are welcomed with food, medicine, hot shower and clothes. They are introduced to the Governor, a man that rules Woodbury, protecting and giving quality of life to the people in the community. Andrea believes that Woodbury is the perfect place in the chaos, but Michonne does not trust on the Governor and wants to leave the place. Meanwhike, the helicopter pilot tells the location of the National Guard convoy with his friends and the Governor promises to rescue them with his men. But when they arrive in the location, something happens.

In an interview with Kevin Smith, Greg Nicotero revealed that one of the floating heads in the Governor's fish tanks was a recreation of Ben Gardner's head in Jaws (1975). Ben's head famously popped out of a hole in his fishing boat after he was attacked by the great white shark.

Merle's prosthetic arm is made of fiberglass painted to look like aged metal.

The twenty-four prop heads secured to the bottom of the tanks were hollowed out, allowing them to float. The water was colored a sickly yellow by adding coffee grounds, tea and dye.

The woman in the picture of The Governor, his wife and daughter is Denise M. Huth, one of Staigajosie mironi (2010) producers.

First Appearance of David Morrissey as 'The Governor'.

Michael Rooker (Merle) considers Merle's entire body to be a weapon.

Michonne's name is spoken for the first time in this episode.

This is the first episode where we never see Rick and the group

At exactly 42:42 there is a literal foreshadowing of the Governor's eventual eye patch, as he notifies the residents of Woodbury about the fate of the military convoy, there is a shadow that is perfectly cast across his left eye.

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    • Author: Elizabeth
    Andrea and Michonne see a helicopter crash and they head to the spot to seek out survivors to help them. However a group of armed men arrives together and they hide in the wood. The men take the pilot from the helicopter and the women are surprised by Merle.

    The group takes Andrea and Michonne to their community in Woodbury where the women are welcomed with food, medicine, hot shower and clothes. They are introduced to the Governor, a man that rules Woodbury, protecting and giving quality of life to the people in the community. Andrea believes that Woodbury is the perfect place in the chaos, but Michonne does not trust on the Governor and wants to leave the place.

    Meanwhike, the helicopter pilot tells the location of the National Guard convoy with his friends and the Governor promises to rescue them with his men. But when they arrive in the location, something happens.

    "Walk with Me" is a refreshing episode of "The Walking Dead" where Merle returns with new characters. The Governor is an intriguing character and it is not easy to understand his real intention. Who he is and his name are certainly the questions of every fan of this series. Merle is back with only one hand and certainly more dangerous than never. Imagine when these dangerous men cross the path of Rick and his team. My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Walk with Me"

    Note: On 11 April 2016, I saw this show again.
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    • Author: Steelrunner
    It has been quite some time since I was excited to watch an episode of The Walking Dead. With how poor the second season played out, the third season needed to grab a hold on me early to keep my interest and push my desire to continue watching. And the second episode, "Sick," did just that. I was looking forward to tonight's episode, "Walk with Me," but skeptical that I could continue enjoying a show that had done me wrong before. Well, I am happy to say that not only was I not disappointed, but "Walk with Me" was one of the best episodes in the history of the series.

    After a helicopter crash at the beginning of the episode, Andrea and Michonne (who's side of the story that had been lacking in the first two episodes is the exclusive storyline in episode three) move in to find out if there are any survivors of the crash and if there is anyone that could possibly help them out. Upon finding the crash site, Michonne finds that there are multiple casualties, but one of the men may still be alive. But before she can check for sure, multiple trucks pull up and start scouting out the area, killing walkers flocking towards the noise and seeing if there were any survivors. In the middle of the search, while Michonne and Andrea hide behind a bush, Michonne's chained walkers start making too much noise and she decapitates both of them. But just when the two girls believe they will be safe from getting taken in by these men, a familiar voice sneaks up behind them both. Merle, Daryl's brother that cut off his hand to escape the roof in early season one, stumbles across his old pal Andrea and her new friend. Andrea passes out, the group takes her and Michonne for a ride, and we enter Woodbury.

    Woodbury is a fenced in town run by a man named The Governor. When Andrea and Michonne are brought in, they are given medicine, food, a bed, a shower, and clean clothes. Both women are skeptical, as anyone would be in this apocalyptic world, but they have a hard time not wanting to stay with this seemingly perfect world they have come upon. Or at least Andrea. She slowly starts to listen to what The Governor and the people that live in Woodbury have to say, while Michonne is continuously worried about not having her sword and the fact that they are under the watch of the guards at Woodbury.

    But Woodbury seems like it could be a great place. Families have parents working and children in schools, fences guard the town from biters (as they call them here), and there is a large amount of research and caution n every move of the town. One of the most interesting revelations in the episode (as the revelation that we are all infected was only news to Andrea and Michonne) was that the chained up walkers that were with the girls were, first off, not interested in trying to bite Andrea and Michonne because without arms or a lower jaw, they lost their desire to eat flesh as they cannot do so and, secondly, work to keep the girls disguised from other walkers. With walkers next to them, Andrea and Michonne were able to blend in when near other zombies.

    The worries of Michonne make sense as we can never be sure about strangers in this world, even if they are extremely generous at first glance. But what she and Andrea don't know is what The Governor is busy doing while they wander around the town and rest. The Governor is able to find out where the rest of the military troop is that the helicopter soldiers were with by talking to the survivor of the crash. And with a location given, The Governor drives into their camp with a white flag waving outside his window, and he gets out to tell the men that they found their lost brother. But before the men can even finish their celebration at finding this news out, The Governor pulls out a gun and kills the nearest man to him. Suddenly, gun fire pours in on the rest of the soldiers as The Governor's men hide in the surrounding grasses around the soldiers. Soon, all the men are dead and The Governor and his men search for supplies that the soldiers had with them.

    Back in Woodbury, The Governor addresses the community explaining that the soldiers had been killed by biters before they could get to them. After the speech, Andrea talks to The Governor and tries to find out his real name. He tells her that he never tells anyone. She responds with "Never say never." He responds with "Never." The scene had an eerie tone to it that could make Andrea nervous about his intentions, but Andrea still seems to accept The Governor as a good man. But thats because Andrea hasn't seen the dark side of The Governor, something the audience is not hidden from.

    To read the rest of the recap/review (IMDb form too short) visit:
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    • Author: Viashal
    This is the third episode of the third season of the Walking Dead and even though it's a little different, it's still compelling because now we get to see the situation Andrea and her new friend come across with. We get to meet an interesting set of characters that are finally introduced to us, including the mysterious Governor. Not big on the action, but the characterization remains a high point of the season.

    In this episode, "Walk with Me," Andrea and Michonne witness a helicopter crash and when they investigate, they meet a group of armed men as they're hiding in the bushes. But they are surprised by Merle and the group is taken back to the haven known as Woodbury where they meet the Governor and it seems like there is a whole community of people after all. Andrea thinks it is a nice place, but Michonne is not so sure.....

    Overall, though we don't see Rick and the gang, we are still treated to a great episode that focuses on a side story and I fear it will become relevant soon enough. There is some action, but it's the characterization and the return of Merle, in the physical world, which carries the episode. Also, The Governor is an interesting character and one worth keeping an eye on. I rate this episode 9/10.
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    • Author: Mayno
    Had heard nothing but great things about 'The Walking Dead' from friends and IMDb reviewers. It took a while to get round to watching, both from being busy and also not being sure whether it would be my cup of tea. Finally getting round to it a few years ago and slowly working my way through it, having had a very long to watch and review list, 'The Walking Dead' turned out to be very much my cup of tea and as good as the hype made it out to be, have found it extremely addictive.

    "Walk with Me" is another terrific episode to Season 3, after a hugely promising start to the season. Not as good as the brilliant first two episodes, but it is a very successful attempt at a change of pace without being too out of character for the show. And a strong reminder of how Seasons 1-5 of 'The Walking Dead' to me were absolutely brilliant and seeing the show in its full glory days (Season 6 was uneven, Season 7 was a huge disappointment and am still debating whether to watch Season 8). It is as emotional, complex and as tense as one would expect, at the same time it has adrenaline and guts.

    It still shocks me at how an intelligent, well-made (so much so that it is easy to mistake it for a film) show about zombies could be made when so many films have tried and failed abysmally to do so.

    My only complaint of "Walk with Me" is that at times it is a little too heavy on the talk in a relatively light on action episode. Most of the gang here are missing here, with the episode centred around Andrea and Michonne, and as the characters missing here are generally more interesting they are missed.

    Luckily the story here is strong and engrossing enough, feeling like there is just about enough 'The Walking Dead' in there, and it was great to have Andrea and Michonne more interesting.

    Like all the episodes of the show, "Walk with Me" is incredibly well made in the production values, with gritty and audacious production design, photography of almost cinematic quality, effects that look good, have soul and are not overused or abused and pretty frightening make-up. The music is haunting and affecting, having presence but never being too intrusive.

    The writing generally is intelligent and thought-provoking, with lots of tension and emotional resonance and already showing signs of character complexity and multiple layer storytelling. The more eventful are thrilling and terrifying as well as uncompromising.

    Appreciated the ever strong and still progressing story and character building, which the episode has a bigger emphasis on, and that the pace is never dull or rushed, if not as taut or edge of your seat as the first two episode. The character writing and the character interactions are what is particularly great here, the most notable assets of the episode being with the introduction of the Governor (a wonderfully mysterious and already interesting character) and the re-appearance of Merle.

    Everything is nicely paced without rushing through the more important parts. The world building is already stunningly immersive and effective. Direction is smart and atmospheric while the show throughout has been strongly acted. Michael Rooker and David Morrissey (making his debuting appearance as the Governor) are especially good, and Laurie Holden holds her own.

    Overall, terrific. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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    • Author: Centrizius
    It has been a while since I felt satisfied after having finished an episode of The Walking Dead. In many aspects, such as depth of dialogue, character development and the novelty of storytelling I felt the series was gradually losing its initial strength. Although it must be admitted that the dystopian universe portrayed in the series essentially is not new, the pilot really was promising, i.e., it contained a vivid exposition of an unbearable mixture of emotions, beautiful shots, highly detailed creatures and fitting music.

    After the first few episodes the dialogue seemed to become more superficial and the events started to become repetitive. I believe that the loss of the characters Morgan Jones and Shane Walsh implied a genuine loss of two of the most profound, distinguished identities that existed within the post-apocalyptic universe that is The Walking Dead.

    Hence, this episode came as a welcome surprise. The newly discovered community and its governor I believe may add the necessary ingredients for a great stew after all. The community, as it stands, represents a forgotten hope, and its governor seems to reflect a deep, paradoxic character. This introduces a refreshing dimension in storytelling, possibly leading to interesting fluctuations in social dynamics within the community's boundaries.
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    • Author: Akirg
    The series picks up momentum. Walk with Me has two converging stories. Andrea was split from the group and has found a town/fort which is run by the Governor. The Governor is two faced, has political face with the public and a ruthless face with the army. What will happen to Adrea? The group itself has made home in a prison. When the two stories converge the Governor and Rick will not get along. The drama is recreated, and the 3rd seasons storyline will have the viewer anticipating what will happen next. I give Walk with Me a nine out of ten. nice to see The Walking Dead having high budget product back into the series. The Walking Dead is well acted and direct I believe with the series improved budget the will bounce back to season one form.
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    • Author: Halloween
    We get to know The Governor and his community. Michonne doesn't trust him while Andrea is starting to believe in him and his plan of comunity. Then we get to see a darker version of the Governor killing the soldiers men for weapons and goods. Even tough they could serve a purpouse. It would seem like he wants to know more about Andrea group so he can kill them later and provide for the community. We also see the heads of walkers and the soldier that helped them locate the rest and that they saved to then kill him. The Governor is a leader that go to dark places to provide to the rest. Even tough it could be another way of doing things. That world made humanity evil.
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    • Author: Wooden Purple Romeo
    This episode was the first in the series to leave me wanting the end to come quickly.

    I found myself bored and disinterested by the simplistic plot and two dimensional characters introduced.

    The female samurai has one mode : baleful glare. Besides her ability to use a katana appealing to the geek in me, I don't find her a sympathetic character with any emotional depth for me to connect with.

    The Governor is your typical tortured soul seeking redemption through leadership which based on lies. His character arc will likely be as cliché as they come.

    You have the sexually repressed scientist with a perverse fascination for the unnatural and occult who will likely find some manner to torment Andrea and her samurai companion with some deviant act, a cruel scientific experiment, or both.

    Without Rick Grimes being the heart and soul of the show, all the other characters feel flat and uninteresting, as two dimensional as the comic pages from which they were pulled.

    That said, even Rick Grimes is becoming increasingly uninteresting, as he sinks deeper into becoming an emotionless shell, operating on instinct, detached from the morals and ethics which made him a shining star amidst the bleak landscape.

    Hopefully Rick Grimes will rediscover his best nature, and Woodbury will turn out to be more than just the creepy small town with dark secrets, soon to be destroyed from within.
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    • Author: Wnex
    Plot In A Paragraph: The Governor Enters The Scene. Michonne and Andrea are taken whilst investigating a crashed helicopter.

    Merle (Michael Rooker) is alive and doing quite well for himself as the Governors right hand man at Woodbury, which looks to be an ideal safe haven, a little town with a sense of community. It looks a lot safer than the prison, but all is not as it seems. Whilst Andrea is delighted to be there, Michonne is far from convinced.

    A total change of pace from two action packed and Walker filled episodes, as the episode focus's on the community at Woodbury.

    This is the first episode where we never see Rick and the group. Whilst it's not a bad episode I hope there are not too many more like it.
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    • Author: RUL
    In this particular episode, we take a break from the prison and follow Andrea and Michonne. This episode opens with a brilliant plane crash. Then we get a great introduction to the character called The Governor. He runs a survivor filled town called Woodbury. The Governor welcomes Andrea and Michonne with open arms. Andrea slowly begins to fall under the Governers spell. While Michonne isn't so trustworthy of him.

    Lets get into Michonne first. OK, here's the thing, Michonne is like one of the fan favorites among the comics. So this actress has a lot to hold up to. Does she? Well, honestly no. The thing is she seems too pitiful and way to mopey. Now Andrea, the thing with her is the character is entertaining. Though, she is to full of herself. She tries WAY to hard to be a tough female character. But, she fails.

    I want to make a whole paragraph talking about the Governor. When you first meet this guy, you like him. You say " hey! this guy isn't so bad. Though, near the end of This episode, the Governor makes a drink and goes to a secret room in his apartment. He sits down, and the camera pans around to show shelves of zombie heads. That shows that the character isn't as sweet as you thought he was.

    Last thing, Merle comes back. He doesn't cuss scream or shout as much as he did when he was first introduced. It really is a great little homage to the past seasons to bring him back on the show..

    This episode is one that isn't really that good when you first watch it. Though, I think when you look back on this particular episode you'll understand why it's there. So, i'll give it a 6 out of 10.
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    • Author: Gianni_Giant
    The beginning certainly sets up a different feel to this ep. Danai is an amazing, communicating so much with just her eyes. It truly is a tragedy hoe much don't know how to read body language and eye movement anymore. In a lot of ways it says more than words ever could--perhaps one of the many reasons I love the show so much.

    I thought it smart of Andrea to play the game, trying to appease Merle. And then the introduction of the Governor... It's kind of terrifying how tempting too good to be true is, but I love that Michonne is always watchful, discerning, wary. I absolutely love the subtle yet not so subtle way she closed the door. I love Michonne's eyes thought the entire ep.

    The episode is beautifully written, showing two sides to every story. For example how it could appear he was putting two guys out of their misery and saving the pilot, as opposed to only saving one man to gather Intel, not to mention the pilot would be the most beneficial.

    I enjoyed the analysis of Michonne's walkers, offering a more scientific explanation for their docile behavior, and asking the question on all of our minds--who exactly were they?

    Was it just me, or did they seem inexperienced for military personnel? So trusting because they knew the pilot? Did it never occur to him he could've tortured the pilot to get the info? And they all just stand around getting ambushed? Okay... And the Governor puts his bullet in his mouth. "Never waste a bullet son..." Some sound advice after shooting a guy in the shoulder... Gov'na. Then he returns home to the fort for a poignant speech to obfuscate the truth, installing just the right amount of fear to make them stay.

    I also think it says a lot about him that he 'never tells' his real name. If you haven't learned to not trust that guy, you deserve what you have coming to you. And in typical Walking Dead fashion, we end on a bombshell (or perhaps I should say in typical Top Gear fashion). The Governor is a psychopath. End episode.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Andrew Lincoln Andrew Lincoln - Rick Grimes (credit only)
    Sarah Wayne Callies Sarah Wayne Callies - Lori Grimes (credit only)
    Laurie Holden Laurie Holden - Andrea Harrison
    Norman Reedus Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon (credit only)
    Steven Yeun Steven Yeun - Glenn Rhee (credit only)
    Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan - Maggie Greene (credit only)
    Chandler Riggs Chandler Riggs - Carl Grimes (credit only)
    Danai Gurira Danai Gurira - Michonne
    Michael Rooker Michael Rooker - Merle Dixon
    David Morrissey David Morrissey - Philip 'The Governor' Blake
    Melissa McBride Melissa McBride - Carol Peletier (credit only)
    Dallas Roberts Dallas Roberts - Milton Mamet
    Jose Pablo Cantillo Jose Pablo Cantillo - Caesar Martinez
    Julio Cesar Cedillo Julio Cesar Cedillo - Lt. Welles
    Donzaleigh Abernathy Donzaleigh Abernathy - Dr. Stevens
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