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Two girlfriends plan a weekend getaway and find more than they bargain for in the isolated woods.

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    • Author: Kirinaya
    "You Found Me" comes from "The Mangled" creator Lawrence W. Nelson II and is a very gritty tease (thankfully of things to come). The short will air on BlackFlag.TV and offers a slasher/psycho killer that is far too relatable. There is not much in depth story to go on while watching this short film but all the elements are there to let you know the paramount nightmare that unfolds. What I am assuming is a killer escape convicted (based on the orange jumper he wears) creates a brutal playground in the isolated woods. The film manages to give just enough to keep you interested while tease the torturous fate that falls upon two unsuspecting girls looking to relax in the quiet of nature. The short plays out like a quick promo for something greater to come. It leaves you wanting more of the story and thankfully there will be more. I reported earlier that a feature length film is in the works from this quick little horror story. In "You Found Me" the story jumps from moment to moment in the events quickly but with a smooth control that allows the viewer to keep up with the story's plot line so as not to be confused with the fast pace of the short. You can tell this is a genre that Nelson is comfortable with and I can't wait to see the full length project or his vision for "The Mangled" in 2013.
  • Cast overview:
    Mariya Protsenko Mariya Protsenko - Samantha Jones
    Jennifer Abbey Jennifer Abbey - Mary Ross
    Steve Booth Steve Booth - Killer
    Lawrence W. Nelson II Lawrence W. Nelson II - Creepy Guy
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