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Short summary

Milan and Sophie, both in their twenties, are ready to settle down and create a future together. Milan has ambitious plans - he wants to open his own dance club, Jaguars. Sophie, her parents, and Milan's best friend Ferhane support him in the pursuit of his dream. After lots of hard work, Jaguars turns out to be a huge success. That is, until one fateful night, 3 men start harassing the clubbers and the club staff. The assailants are then thrown out of the club. However, they get angry and are out for revenge. Early the next morning, they are waiting for Milan as he leaves the club, and show no mercy. Milan ends up in the hospital and is told that he will never be able to walk again. His world falls apart. He slowly comes to the realization that his friends and family are living in a nightmare too.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Jeffrey Hamilton Jeffrey Hamilton - Milan van Zalinghe
Priscilla Knetemann Priscilla Knetemann - Sophie Halder
Ronald Top Ronald Top - Maarten Halder
Iris Slee Iris Slee - Lotte Halder
Harry Piekema Harry Piekema - Heer van Zalinghe
Mamoun Elyounoussi Mamoun Elyounoussi - Ferhane Mohammed
Stijn Fransen Stijn Fransen - Lies de Vries
Oscar Zeegers Oscar Zeegers - Bas Cevik
Ali Fardi Ali Fardi - Ylias Tumär
Marc Siersema Marc Siersema - Daniel Mees
Gijs Speck Gijs Speck - Kleine Milan
Peter Oude Wesselink Peter Oude Wesselink - Therapeut
Sander de Heer Sander de Heer - Behandelend Arts
Marieke Westenenk Marieke Westenenk - Verpleegster
Rian Gerritsen Rian Gerritsen - Receptioniste Ziekenhuis
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