» » Thundercats Day of the Eclipse (1985–1989)

Short summary

The day of the eclipse arrives and any spell Mumm-Ra casts will last until the next eclipse. He casts a spell of decay on the Cats Lair, causing it to fall apart.

Episode cast overview:
Bob McFadden Bob McFadden - Snarf / Tugmug (voice) (as Robert McFadden)
Earl Hammond Earl Hammond - Mumm-Ra / RoBear Bill (voice)
Lynne Lipton Lynne Lipton - Cheetara (voice)
Larry Kenney Larry Kenney - Lion-O / Jackalman (voice)
Earle Hyman Earle Hyman - Panthro / Redeye (voice)
Peter Newman Peter Newman - Tygra / Monkian (voice)
Gerrianne Raphael Gerrianne Raphael - Pumyra
Doug Preis Doug Preis - Alluro
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