» » Untitled Identity Crisis Film (2017)

Short summary

Jamal Jenkins is just your average inner city kid growing up in an all black neighborhood, except for one thing - he's white.

Structured after classic Shakespearean comedy.

Music supervisor and producer, DJ Clinton Sparks, was nominated for a Grammy for the song "Born This Way" with Lady Gaga.

Producer, Jay Giannone, is also an accomplished actor who has starred in "The Iceman", "The Departed", "Gone Baby Gone", "By The Gun" and recently directed the award winning film "It Snows All The Time".

Credited cast:
Zachariah Supka Zachariah Supka - Zac
Peter Harris Peter Harris - Bobby McSmugg
Jack Caron Jack Caron - High School Student
Precious White Precious White - Prom Queen
Leah Procito Leah Procito - Principal Procito
Frankie Francois Frankie Francois - Student
Melinda Coady Melinda Coady - High schooler
Kamran Bina Kamran Bina - Classroom Teen
Scott Neufville Scott Neufville - Drug Dealer
Tierre Diaz Tierre Diaz - Hyde Parker
Evan DiMartino Evan DiMartino
Roger Dillingham Jr. Roger Dillingham Jr. - Officer Powell
Remington Keyes Remington Keyes - Remy
Jeffery Kincannon Jeffery Kincannon - Officer DiScriminazi
Jalesia Martinez Jalesia Martinez - High School Student
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