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Nick Burkhardt, a promising Portland homicide detective, told nobody he's been seeing visions of people 'transforming' into monsters when he looks at them. While investigating the murder and disappearance of two girls, he realizes it's a Grimm family gift, which passes from his aunt Marie Kessler when she is dying from cancer. She also gives him a mysterious key. Nick becomes her attacker's next target, narrowly escaping. Nick discreetly uses his gift to track down a postman, who turns out to be a descendant of werewolf lineage, and who helps him find the violent monster.

The basis for this episode and the origin of the opening quote comes from "Little Red Riding Hood."

Opens with the quote '"The wolf thought to himself, what tender young creature. What a nice plump mouthful..." The Brothers Grimm 1812'.

The word "wesen" is the German word for "being", though it is pronounced like "vehzen", so with a "v", rather than "w" sound and a soft "s".

There is a Munson Creek although it wouldn't be in the Portland Police's jurisdiction, it's in the Oregon Coast Mountain Range in Tillamook County.

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    • Author: BORZOTA
    In Portland, Detective Nick Burkhardt and his partner Hank Griffin investigate the murder of a college girl that was slaughtered by a beast while jogging in the local park. Nick lives with his girlfriend Juliette Silverton and they are in love with each other. He has visions of people turning into monsters but he does not disclose his secret to anybody. When his beloved aunt Marie Kessler unexpectedly comes to his house, Nick learns that Maries is dying of cancer. Further, she tells that he is descendant of the Grimm brothers and he has the ability of seeing monsters, and she gives a mysterious key to him.

    When the little girl Robin Howell vanishes while walking to her grandmother's house, Nick suspects of the Blutbad Monroe. But soon he leans that Monroe in not evil and he helps Nick to seek-out Robin. Will Nick find the little girl and rescue her?

    "Grimm" is a promising TV series, with an entertaining story of monster. Nick is a pleasant character, his terminal aunt is intriguing and Monroe is very funny. The cinematography of this show is very beautiful and the story recalls the first shows of Supernatural. My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Piloto" ("Pilot")
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    • Author: Roru
    Wow. what a pilot. I was hooked from the very first scene, where a innocent young girl goes jogging and is attacked by some unknown creature! Made me jump! Cool! Then the main character David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt 'sees' strange things. Like normal people just changing into demons or something and then back to normal. Weird and scary at the same time. Great!

    We as well as Nick begin to see he sees these things for a reason. His aunt played by the great Kate Burton(who for a minute I thought was another actress: Angela Pleasence, daughter of the late Donald Pleasence of the original Halloween franchise. Now that would have been interesting casting). tells him he has a blessing and a curse as one of the descendants of the famous Grimm and must protect a weird looking key that these entities are apparently are after. That he must protect at all costs. He being a detective will probably help as he has some training that will inevitably help him as he encounters weird people and creatures. As his partner, Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, he compliments the Nick character. Even helps him solved and resolved the 1st weird/supernatural case. He kinda of reminded me of the rapper Dr. Dre. For a minute I really thought it was him.

    Everything was very serious and unnerving until we have the appearance of Silas Weir Mitchell comes on board as Monroe. It takes a comic turn out of nowhere and it really caught me off guard and I was somewhat disappointed at this point but then they kinda 'fix' it by keeping the comedy to a bare minimum. I guess i got really into it since it felt intense and scary and real. I guess I was hoping it would stay in that vein a la Millenuim or Supernatural. But all in all a great debut. Got me hooked. Can't wait to see the rest of the season. And see in what real direction there are going to go with it.
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    • Author: Cells
    Strong inaugural episode of the NBC cult monster series, Grimm, has a detective who becomes aware of creatures disguised as humans (their faces disfiguring and returning to human form due to their "slips in strength" in hiding behind their masquerade), and he soon learns from his aunt Marie Kesler that he was a descendant of the Brothers Grimm, storytellers actually documenting real monsters amongst us in dark fairytale form. In the first episode, Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and his partner, Hank (Russell Hornsby) are investigating the case of a slaughtered college student, attacked by a werewolf (or Bludbat) while jogging a scenic route nearby her school. When this same werewolf, an effeminate, anti-social, meek mailman who lives in a cottage in the woods, kidnaps a little girl (in a red sweatshirt, very similar to the murdered student who was also wearing similar sweatshirt), Nick believes the two cases are related. Marie is dying of cancer, provides Nick with details regarding his parents (told they were killed accidentally, she now tells him they were murdered), tells him of his lineage, gives him a special key located within a medallion on her necklace, and urges him to learn of her life-long work (not the librarian she used as a cover during the day) in her trailer. Soon, the details of each monster catalogued in a book inside Kesler's trailer are read obsessively by Nick so he can educate himself on the threats ahead. So the pilot sets us off rather well on the journey Nick will take as his newfound sight allows him to understand the monsters among him in Portland. The set design and cinematography are very impressive for a television show that summons old school creature features of long ago. This show could very well be the X Files of the late 2010s. Kate Burton, made up as a knocking-on-death's-door cancer patient, is an eerie monster hunter needing to pass on the fight to the young man she raised from the age of 12. Bitsie Tulloch is Juliette, the live-in girlfriend of Nick, and Silas Weir Mitchell makes a fine comedy support as a werewolf reformed from the violence his inner beast once unleashed. Mitchell's Monroe should be a nice alternative "sidekick" to Hornsby's cop partner for Nick. Hornsby and Giuntoli have great chemistry as cops and their duty as crimesolvers will certainly be tested by the monsters certain to come out to cause plentiful violent carnivorous mischief. The use of the woods and "medieval looking" trees, and just the evocation of fairytale stylistics really add a striking visual quality to the show. The twist regarding Nick's boss, a captain at the police department, adds a developing obstacle for the good guys to overcome.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    David Giuntoli David Giuntoli - Nick Burkhardt
    Russell Hornsby Russell Hornsby - Hank Griffin
    Elizabeth Tulloch Elizabeth Tulloch - Juliette Silverton (as Bitsie Tulloch)
    Silas Weir Mitchell Silas Weir Mitchell - Monroe
    Sasha Roiz Sasha Roiz - Captain Sean Renard
    Reggie Lee Reggie Lee - Sgt. Wu
    Tim Bagley Tim Bagley - Postman
    Claire Coffee Claire Coffee - Adalind Schade
    Ayanna Berkshire Ayanna Berkshire - Dr. Rose
    Kate Burton Kate Burton - Marie Kessler
    Joy Flatz Joy Flatz - Sylvie Oster
    Tierra Valentine Tierra Valentine - Sylvie's Roommate
    Burl Ross Burl Ross - Forest Service Officer
    Sophia Mitri Schloss Sophia Mitri Schloss - Robin Howell
    Julie Vhay Julie Vhay - Robin's Mother
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