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Con-artist Betsy Bigley, ruined and imprisoned by a corrupt judge, fakes her own death to escape from jail and launches an elaborate scheme of revenge against him.

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    • Author: Flamekiller
    This movie has all the twists and turns of The Sting. As well as the comedy, action, suspense and final justice. I just wish it was available to see on t.v. again. All the good movies seem to be hidden and kept away from us.
  • Credited cast:
    Damir Andrei Damir Andrei
    Justine Campbell Justine Campbell - Dancer
    Jennifer Dale Jennifer Dale - Betsy Bigley / Mrs. Chadwick / Madame Maisie de Laylie
    Catherine Disher Catherine Disher - Dulcie
    Victor Garber Victor Garber - Judge Keeler
    Mark Hellman Mark Hellman - Reporter
    Robert Joy Robert Joy - Henry Piggott
    Kenneth Welsh Kenneth Welsh - Virgil Klovitz
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