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Seth Winnick has it all: a successful career in television, good friends, and a passionate relationship with beautiful Chelsea. However, when he fails to make a timely marriage proposal, Chelsea tries to make his life hell.
Seth Winnick has it all: a successful career in television, good friends, and a passionate relationship with beautiful Chelsea. However, when he fails to make a timely marriage proposal, Chelsea tries to make his life hell.

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Before the advent of YouTube, the "Farting in Bed"-scene (as the video became known) became a viral video across many comedy websites in the early 2000s.

Peter Bloomstein makes a rather snide comment about NBC. Peter is played by Warren Littlefield, who used to be the president of NBC.

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    • Author: Lynnak
    I normally don't comment on movies, but after seeing the other review listed here, I just had to speak up. Sure, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and I'm not gonna knock the person who gave "Love Stinks" a 0/10 rating, but don't let that one person's opinion keep you away from a VERY funny movie.

    French Stewart plays a sitcom writer who meets Bridgette Wilson's character when both are in their friends' wedding. They begin dating, but have different ideas on where their dating should lead. He's happy to casually date and have fun, whereas she wants every day they spend together to be one step closer to marriage and kids. Whoa, can I ever relate... :)

    As time goes on, she continues to push him into commitment while he continues to be dragged along unwillingly. Things eventually turn ugly between the two, but in a hilarious way. The things they do to torture each other are just plain funny. And I won't give away the ending, but it's genius - pure genius.

    It's not a very well-known movie, but deserves to be checked out. Don't trust my review, and don't be scared off by someone else's poor review. Check it out and decide for yourself. If you like funny movies, I feel pretty confident that you'll love "Love Stinks."

    My rating: 7/10.
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    • Author: Hiclerlsi
    A couple years ago, I was working at Blockbuster right after graduating from college. I saw the cover to this movie on the shelf since I'd starting working there, but judged it as kinetic crap by its horribly cheesy cover and name. Yes, I judged this movie by its cover. A customer about my age (25) then told me, unprovoked, that it was one of the funniest movies he had seen in years. He said he was surprised by it and that I should check it out. So, I did.

    Wow. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I hadn't seen a movie that made me laugh that hard in a long time. I actually couldn't wait to watch it again--this time with my girlfriend. What a disaster. She absolutely hated it as much as I liked it. We didn't even get through 45 minutes of it because she couldn't take it anymore. Apparently, she thought it was one of the most un-funny movies she'd ever seen. A negative funniness even, if that's possible.

    What does this tell us?

    This movie probably has a target audience of 18-30 year old males.

    Its rather dark view of the motives of women and, to that end, perceived "psycho" women, is fit-form to any man who's been with a woman that went too far, too fast--no matter how well the both of you got along. This movie is funny because of the powerlessness men feel in the face of a psycho woman--they can absolutely tear you apart and make everyone else think that it's your fault because you're the one who is falling apart. As Yoda might say: Dark, this movie is.

    French Stewart is completely impotent emotionally, physically, and mentally in this relationship. If you're a man, you probably know this emotion all too well. This movie capitalizes on that darkest of dark corners with which to view a woman in a relationship such as this. In that sense, the movie is almost hyperbolic. Needless to say, it doesn't paint women in any sort of real favorable light. No wonder my girlfriend hated it.

    So, guys, watch this movie, laugh you arse off--and don't show it to your girlfriend, she'll hate it. I, on the other hand, watched it three more times.
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    • Author: Paxondano
    This movie rocks. I love this movie. It has some of the funniest acting and scripting that I have seen in a while. I can't remember when I laughed so hard. This movie is sort of like "War of the Roses," except this is much more psychotic. I highly recommend this movie to those who like their comedies as black as they come.

    Plot: French Stewart, who is a TV writer, falls in love with a babe who MUST get married soon. She does everything to advance the relationship far beyond its years. Of course, French does not want this, and it leads to some very dark and funny circumstances. It uses sophisticated humor (i.e. how this affects his show and life overall) as well as completely low-brow humor (i.e. using farts as a weapon of revenge.)

    Script: This movie has some very funny lines. There are some lines that I almost choked on because I was not suspecting them. I am sure that the next time I see this movie I will pick up some very quotable quotes. Listen carefully to what they say, and you will be highly rewarded.

    Acting: This has some of the funniest and truest acting that I have ever seen. I actually liked Bill Bellamy in his role. Go see this movie when it comes out just for him. French is really decent, but you have to go with him because "Love will make you do f***ed up things. Everybody else works, especially the girlfriend.

    The ending just rocks, and it is very fitting. (Unfortunately I have been seeing the ending in the should be saved.) Everybody should go see this movie. It is very good, and I did not even notice the editing because I was laughing so hard. I took a point off simply because some of the scenes I had seen before. 9/10
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    • Author: Ganthisc
    I am writing this as I am astonished by some of the vitriolic comments submitted by other members. I have just watched this film, with a hang-over, and laughed out loud for the first time in many months. I liked it a lot.

    I can only imagine that you have to be able to relate to this film or else it will fly right over your head. So that limits the audience to those who have recent experiences of a relationship with someone who you seriously considered might be the "one". I related to Seth - remembering perhaps how I felt when my girlfriend referred to herself as my fiance before I had even proposed!! Actually if I don't do it soon I'll be in big trouble...

    So don't be put off, give this film a try and there is a good chance that this suprisingly intelligent comedy will strike a chord. If it does you'll be glad you watched it - I am.
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    • Author: Fomand
    Seriously, this movie is hilarious. If your girlfriend doesn't think its funny and you do, you should ask yourself this question-- Is this really the type of woman I want to be with? There is nothing better than a bit of dark humor, especially when it comes to psycho chicks. This girl is completely out of control, and the guy handles it very well. Clever film. What else can be said? This movie wasn't particularly popular when it came out, and the cast members also seem to be kind of obscure. This film will potentially become a cult classic, kind of like the movie Office Space has become. Most people you ask have never heard of it, but ask any movie buff or video store employee (which I used to be and it how I came across it) and they'll laugh and recommend it immediately. The photography and settings in the film are quality; visually pleasing. Even though the cast aren't necessarily your most famous in Hollywood the acting is great. The film does provide an all round positive comedic experience. When you finish watching it, you probably will want to see it again.
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    • Author: Aloo
    Frustration humour is a term me and a pal of mine use to describe comedic situations that rely on the protagonist constantly being put in awful situations (often, but not always, by their love interest). We began using the term in connection to "Green Acres" and "I Dream of Jeannie" many years ago. A recent film examples of this would be "Meet The Parents". If done properly, it can be funny ("You, Me and Dupree"). If the correct balance isn't struck, it's just frustrating and annoying ("License to Wed").

    "Love Stinks" pushes it about as far as it can but it's resolution leaves you feeling satisfied. Bridgitte Wilson and French Stewart are both fantastic in this film. I'm truly amazed Wilson hasn't become a bigger star. The film begins with Seth and Chelsea meeting and the chemistry is immediate. We all know that euphoric feeling of early infatuation and it's captured perfectly in this film. I felt myself falling for Chelsea. But as a relationship matures those feelings fade and reality sets in. Sometimes, it isn't pretty. This film is about one of those times and it's truly hilarious. I'm sure most of us has dated someone who turned out to be a little looney. It's always nice to be able to laugh about it later.
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    • Author: JUST DO IT
    I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised, and then some. I see a fairly large number of films, and I saw this film as a preview in Seattle. My wife and I couldn't stop laughing. I'm the kind of person who found "Something about Mary" to be funny but too silly to recommend because it insulted my intelligence. This movie was over-the-top funny without being insulting. Every character behaves as a normal person would. The writing was very good, the direction was well-paced and overall pace was better than you'd expect for this genre. All in all, I'd say that this film was an Excellent film for the genre. If you like funny couples films, GO SEE THIS FILM.
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    • Author: Uleran
    I think that every man and woman should watch this movie before they get married!!!! It really displays the true actions of people at their worst!!! It was a great date movie, in fact it was a date movie for my husband and I! And we loved it. We can laugh about all the stuff that happened because we are married now! Their are a few scenes that totally show how men can be immature, in fact those we the scenes my husband laughed the hardest!! There is a lot of strong language in this movie so put the kids to bed 1st or just get a babysitter! This is one of the funniest movies that I've seen and we had never seen it until we were recommended by friends to go see it!!!
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    • Author: Conjukus
    Let's start off by saying that this is the wrong movie to see if your girlfriend is trying to pressure you into marriage. With that said, let's talk about how funny this movie is.

    French Stewart and Bridgette Wilson star in this satrical, un-romantic comedy. From first frame to fade-out, LOVE STINKS will make you laugh harder than you have in a long while.

    Seth (Stewart) and Chelsea (Wilson) are madly in love with each other. Problem is: Chelsea wants to get married and Seth doesn't. Coming up with a compromise, they say that if they are still together in a year, they will get married. When the year goes by, and Seth still doesn't want marriage, Chelsea wants revenge.

    This movie is nothing like what you are expecting it to be. See it and discover for yourself the film that truly lets you know what Hell is like. LOVE STINKS gets 5/5.
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    • Author: Vuzahn
    Make no mistake, this is an overlooked, funny film.

    Everyone who watches it will take sides, so let me tell you mine. It was a hoot to see the inner workings of the gold-digging beauties hanging out in the TV Entertainment Business and the non-committal guys who attract them.

    This woman saw a "chump" and thought she'd latch onto him. He saw a beautiful woman he just wanted to have fun with and use as a nice trophy. Sometimes this works an marriage insues..that is, unless the guy is a total neurotic and marriage was not in his overall plan which this guy was. She didn't get it.

    She thought because she was "beautiful, fun and thin", that that's all it takes. She found out, that that is all it takes to get in his bed...not in his heart. (Unless he is shallow -- but that's another film!) Then as he tried to get to KNOW her, she became an obsessive marriage lunatic, hell bent on ruining his career until she gets what she wants...or gets out of him what she wants. Either for her..craps for him.

    This is a painfully funny film. You're laughing at the jokes, but then you think about the situations. Who's right? Who's wrong? Was he too permissive and should have stopped her dead in her tracks from day one?Was she too "I got my hooks in a rich man and want marriage' and no matter WHAT he said wouldn't listen? That's up to you to decide. But the way this film puts it, you cannot help but laugh at it all.
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    • Author: Hudora
    "Love Stinks" is a generally unfunny comedy that will leave you wondering why anyone financed something that promised so little and delivered about what you would have expected from a simple-minded script and an unimpressive cast.

    Fans of French Stewart ("3rd Rock From the Sun") will at least be entertained by his many one-liners. Unfortunately they are the only elements that work in this ill-advised movie. Like a lot of this mid-budget stuff, "Love Stinks" places its characters in ultra upscale surroundings and shows them living posh life styles; trying to fool viewers into believing it is a high-end production. But few moviegoers come from the richest portion of the 20- something demographic. Those living a less than swank lifestyle found viewer identification difficult; so the movie was quickly pulled from its theatrical distribution.

    Almost everyone else will have difficulty connecting with the film, which is basically the story of Seth's (Stewart) efforts to escape the grasp of the beautiful Chelsea, his materialistic and totally controlling interior decorator. Like this is a continuing problem for all of us!

    Chelsea is played by former beauty queen Bridgette Wilson ("I Know What You Did Last Summer"). Wilson is a better actress than she is given credit for people tend to dismiss her because of her non-acting background, and she is well suited to this type of bad girl role. But the script gives her no opportunity to add dimension to this character. At least most of us have seen this sort of mega-manipulative blonde at work. Desperate to marry, Chelsea gets the rich Seth in her sights, pressures him into a quick commitment, moves in and alters his priorities, then makes his life hell when he postpones the marriage. Most of this is told in an extended flashback, necessary for no reason other than to pad the running length so the movie will qualify as a feature.

    Of course Wilson and Stewart's acting gets a boost by relative comparison to the barely competent performances of the supporting cast, which includes talent challenged Tyra Banks and Tiffany Amber Thiesen. Steve Hytner (Kenny Bania from "Seinfeld") also appears but adds little to the comic quality of the film.

    "Love Stinks" was written and directed by the guy who is blamed for creating "Full House" and "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper".

    Ultimately, all you are left with are Stewart's occasional one-liners and Wilson's beauty. These are not enough to carry a whole feature film but are at least something for which to be thankful if you should be forced to actually view the entire film.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child.
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    • Author: xander
    This movie was terrible. I can think of two good reasons to see it though, and both belong to Bridgette Wilson. (One other might be Tyra Banks' bra-less wedding dress near the beginning.) Otherwise, this movie is not realistic. Then I started to think, "Oh it's not realistic, but that's okay because it's comedy" -- which is also failed reasoning because the movie is NOT funny. Suing your ex-boyfriend because he broke up with you? What's that about? Where's the logic? The revenge scenes were mildly amusing, I guess. The cast seems to be trying, but they fail, seeing as they're a bunch of hammy sitcom actors and supermodels. I've seen better plots and acting on "Beverly Hills 90210".
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    • Author: Antuiserum
    Right out of the chute, I have to tell you-- this is one scary movie. That's right, scary. I mean, to think that there are people running around out there in the world who actually think this kind of inane prattle is `funny' is downright frightening. And if anything about `Love Stinks,' directed by Jeff Franklin, reflects real life in even some remote, unimaginable way, then please stop the world, I wanna get off. This is a one note movie about a television sitcom writer named Seth (French Stewart), who gets involved with a woman, Chelsea (Bridgette Wilson), with marriage on her mind and him in her sights. She wants to, he doesn't, and that's about it; one note, and even at that, it's out of tune. Unfortunately, what the makers of this movie would pass off as humor is no laughing matter; it's merely a no-joke display of mean-spiritedness and bad acting that is-- at it's best moments-- infantile, gross and disgusting. Comedy, of course, is the most subjective of genres, and individual tastes and sensibilities will weigh in heavily in regards to how this movie will be received. But to anyone with half a brain and any self-respect whatsoever, being subjected to ninety minutes or so of this would have to be considered nothing less than cruel and unusual punishment. Suffice to say that after this debacle, director Franklin will not be making the Hollywood `A' list anytime soon. Nor the `B,' `C,' `D' or `F' lists. The good news for him is that whatever project he takes on next couldn't possibly turn out any worse than this, and that means he's only got one way to go from here, and that's up. As far as the performances go, French Stewart-- who obviously went into this with his eyes wide open-- had better hope that `Third Rock From the Sun' lasts, well...forever. Because if this is the best he can manage after the jump-start his career's received from TV, he'd be well advised to take the `Rock' money and run. And Bridgette Wilson? What on earth could've possessed her to take this part? With her talent and looks this is the best she could come up with? It makes you wonder if she even read the script before signing on to this project. I'd like to think she either owed someone a BIG favor, or better yet, was the victim of a plot by a bitter and disgruntled manager or agent to malign her for personal, as yet undisclosed, reasons. The bottom line is, Stewart and Wilson both have a lot to offer; it just seems so sad to see them wasted in something as unworthy as this ridiculous, offensive movie that isn't worth the film that retains it's untoward images. The supporting cast includes Bill Bellamy as Larry, Tyra Banks as Holly (proving here that beauty does not necessarily equate with acting ability), Steve Hytner as Marty, Jason Bateman (in a horrendous performance) as Jesse, and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as Rebecca. A supercilious effort that has to resort to bathroom humor, cat cruelty and an Elvis impersonator in it's feeble attempt at getting a laugh-- which it doesn't (and note that even the word `humor' is used loosely within the context of this sentence)-- `Love Stinks' is a movie to be avoided at all costs. If someone perchance suggests to you that this one is entertaining and good for some laughs, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Or at least for the nearest exit. Immediately. And don't look back... I rate this one 0/10.
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    • Author: Dordred
    After having seen "Love Stinks" last night on cable, I have to say it is now my favorite movie of all time! This movie should be required viewing for all single men who haven't started dating yet, but plan to. It certainly has changed my viewpoint about women. It shows how evil, cruel, and heartless they can become in the pursuit of marriage. There are some "War of the Roses" elements, but there is more to it than that. A definite must-see movie!
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    • Author: ndup
    The "characters" and the "story" are not worth to write much about - just let me say that the story is stupid and plain vanilla and the characters are all-stereotyped. In my opinion this horrible movie is boring and it insults the intelligence of any human being ... - ahh, for short, this is one of the worst movies I ever saw (or even the very worst one). Maybe you will enjoy it, but I just hate this sort of "braindead" movies. As you may expect, I rated this movie with the lowest score (1/10).
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    • Author: Silly Dog
    The writer of a popular television show forms a relationship with a beautiful woman (Wilson), never suspecting that she's a cruel, marriage-obsessed sociopath who'll do anything she can to make his life a living hell until he agrees to tie the knot. He's determined to fight back however, and for the remainder of the film viewers watch as the two lead characters pull every mean, vicious prank in the book. Annoyingly one-note, mean-spirited 'comedy' plays out like a painfully unfunny television sitcom that should have been scrapped right off the bat. Not a single character to care about in this disheartening film, and will only entertain viewers who enjoy cold-hearted comedy and excessive profanity. *
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    • Author: Moonworm
    This movie was one of the FUNNIEST movies I have ever seen and it gets better every time I see it...French Stewart is awesome in this film. I highly recommend for those of you that like a good comedy to watch this one. The story was well thought out and describes most relationships that we all think about in the movies. at this point I am going to babble on and on because I have to write 10 lines or it wont post my comment...what a joke...I mean, what if I didn't want to write 10 lines about a movie? why is less then 10 lines a BAD THING? Kinda stupid if you ask me..well, I will close this up now because I am almost at 10 lines...thank you all very much for reading this...LOVE STINKS ROCKS!!!
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    • Author: Honeirsil
    If you have a warped sense of humor, this is a hilarious movie. If you are as warped as me, you will watch it over and over again. Comparably funny movies are Super Troopers and American Pie. This is not a movie for the stuck up or conservative types. For all others, It is a definite must see. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good laugh. I would also highly recommend it to anyone in search of excellent revenge techniques. The actors play their parts very well and are quite entertaining. They could not have chosen better actors for the roles in this movie. Watch it and let me know what you thought.
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    • Author: Kanrad
    I absolutely loved this movie. I thought it was hilarious. I own it and still watch it all the time. I've also made everyone that enters my home who has not yet seen it sit down to watch. Everyone has loved it so far, guys and gals of all ages. There are way too many cheesy romance movies out there. And, by the title, many think this is what the movie is about. It is great comedy without having to deal with a silly romance going on, since virtually all movies have some kind of guy and girl live happily ever after story in it. I recommend everyone see it, especially if you've had enough of the traditional romantic movies.
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    • Author: porosh
    Firstly I'd like to mention, that this movie is a rather over-the-top and not very intelligent or realistic comedy containing rude/insulting humour (looking at the rating many would probably call it just stupid) mainly about a woman who turns into a quite she-Satan when the well-off man she has sinked her claws on refuses to marry her. If that sounds like it will make you feel bad don't watch this, go have a glass of milk and some cookies instead.

    After seeing 'Love Stinks' I thought it probably hasn't got a very good rating here because of bashing from some ferocious feminists and other people who take themselves and things in general too seriously. However when I checked the ratings (which weren't very high as expected) I saw that women didn't in general give lower points than men which was a pleasant surprise. I guess there are more than few women who can take even a little provocative joke after all.

    The reason why I expected women to bash this movie is that it portrays many women as either rather bimbo-like (many of the side characters) or manipulative control freaks (especially the main character and also to some extent her woman friend).

    The main plot revolves around Chelsea and Seth who meet at a party. Chelsea is the bridesmaid and Seth is the.. umm.. 'groomsmaid' at their friends wedding (can't remember the real word at the moment, bad English, sorry, if u want to make a complaint please make it in finnish ;)). They get together and for a while things are OK. Then Chelsea decides she wants to get married and starts plotting on how to get what she wants. At first it seems to work but then Seth starts to get worried and jumps on the brakes. When he determinedly refuses to propose to her Chelsea goes slightly mad and tries to rip Seths life apart, which leads to quite a war between the two.

    Someone compared this to the 'War of Roses' and I also think the two are a bit similar. The War of Roses is a little better I think, Love Stinks is bit like War of Roses with a screwball twist.

    I gave this movie a rating of 6 due to it being a bit uneven (there are few moments that are in my opinion a bit boring or stupid). However I would recommend seeing this because the funny parts are quite funny. There's a farting in bed - scene for example that has been circling in the net (Feeder on fire! Incoming..! ;).
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    • Author: Goldenfang
    I have never commented on a film on IMDb, but felt obliged to register so I could post a comment and defend this film. I did it because I have to say that it's one of my personal favorites. I do admit that this was not made to be a masterpiece. It is a "guilty pleasure" type movie, as it is awfully silly, but has some extremely funny parts in it. There are two things the film has that make it special. First, once it gets going (which takes about 15 minutes), it has pretty much continuous hilarious jokes that are unique and well-written. Second, it has a great surprise ending that makes it memorable. So, again, sure it's silly and a bit cliché at times, but it isn't for the Oscars. It's for watching something funny on a Wednesday night. It is probably a bit more of a guy movie than a girl movie, but not by much. Both sides get it pretty well in this one. If you appreciate humor, you will most certainly laugh and possibly very hard. So, if you feel a bit frisky, give it a may just find a new favorite guilty pleasure.
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    • Author: Mavegar
    I never laughed so hard in my life. French Stewart was superb in this movie.I am not a 3rd Rock enthusiast,

    but he absolutely shined in this brilliant depiction of an all to familiar relationship gone wrong.

    His agent was also a very welcome comic relief to this film.

    The greatest line in the movie was definitely:


    I also liked when he said: "Your a lawyer; you understand legal terms; s**k my D**K!!!!!!!

    That was hilarious
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    • Author: Abuseyourdna
    This clever, dysfunctional, vengeful, romantic comedy is as fresh as it was when originally released in 1999. Although "Love Stinks" can easily be written off as just another Romantic Satyr by many, the story is actually a very intricate dance between the 2 main characters and the lengths they will pursue to surmount any obstacles in the way of their goals. I was not a fan of French Stewart or Bridgette Wilson before seeing "Love Stinks" but French Stewart and Bridgette Wilson are brilliantly matched in this obsessive comedy. I think most will agree that Bridgette is a beautiful, sexy woman. I had difficulty imagining French opposite her as a love interest but, surprisingly, French is perfect. I found myself repeatedly asking if this is really French Stewart because French Stewart just is not this sexy. Skillfully directed and written by Jeff Franklin that one wonders if this chronicles a personal experience.

    Definitely a must see if you love good, perverted romantic comedy with a twist.
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    • Author: Beazezius
    It has a wonderful cast and there are the occasional cameos that make this movie even funnier. This movie isn't for everyone. I found the movie hysterical and quite humorous! But I have a warped and twisted sense of humor! There are several scenes that I thought were pretty silly, but funny none the less. I don't think it's fair to criticize any movie and classify it as humorless and without merit. Granted this movie isn't intended to be an Oscar worthy movie, but I don't think it was made with the intentions of it being nominated for one! If I am to watch the movie in the spirit with which it was intended...just a funny, non thought provoking, comical look at the extreme nature these people in the movie will go to, it is rather enjoyable. It wasn't created to make you think that it rallied reality, but rather to mock it and sit and laugh your butt off at it!
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    • Author: Wel
    This movie is so underrated. I laugh from start to finish every time I watch it. French Stewart is hilarious. It's worth the watch just for the "spoon" scene. Go buy this on DVD, the commentary is great! It's well worth it, trust me.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    French Stewart French Stewart - Seth Winnick
    Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Bridgette Wilson-Sampras - Chelsea Turner (as Bridgette Wilson)
    Bill Bellamy Bill Bellamy - Larry Garnett
    Tyra Banks Tyra Banks - Holly Garnett
    Steve Hytner Steve Hytner - Marty Mark
    Jason Bateman Jason Bateman - Jesse Travis
    Tiffani Thiessen Tiffani Thiessen - Rebecca Melini (as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen)
    Ellis Williams Ellis Williams - Minister (as Ellis E. Williams)
    Boogie Knights Boogie Knights - Wedding Band
    Ivana Milicevic Ivana Milicevic - Amber (as Ivana Milavich)
    Montrose Hagins Montrose Hagins - Nana
    Renata Scott Renata Scott - Mrs. Littlejohn
    Warren Littlefield Warren Littlefield - Peter Bloomstein
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