» » Девушки с характером Mudslide Val (1998–2002)

Short summary

Plastic surgeon Richard D. Gold calls VIP to protect him and 'someone else'. before they arrive, he's staged cardiac arrest victim by lethal injection. The team sassily enjoys checking on a lead to Louis Westin's luxury spa Red Oak. There they find Hollywood producer Frank Zeit in hiding incognito. yet a more likely target is Louis, in his former identity as secret agent Bob Porter. He suspects drug lord Adam Banta, who actually checks in with his murderous accomplice as the Johnsons.

Episode complete credited cast:
Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson - Vallery Irons (as Pamela Anderson Lee)
Molly Culver Molly Culver - Tasha Dexter
Shaun Baker Shaun Baker - Quick Williams
Natalie Raitano Natalie Raitano - Nikki Franco
Leah Lail Leah Lail - Kay Simmons
Downtown Julie Brown Downtown Julie Brown - Herself
James Yaker James Yaker - Louis Westin / Bob Porte
Ash Adams Ash Adams - Adam Banta
David Kagen David Kagen - Frank Zeit
Javier Grajeda Javier Grajeda - Detective Grispy
Tammy Tavares Tammy Tavares - Karen Rite
Dan Erickson Dan Erickson - Dr. Richard Gold
Elisha Choice Elisha Choice - Winnie
Thomas L. Bellissimo Thomas L. Bellissimo - Gang Punk (as Tommy L. Bellissimo)
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