» » The Saint The Effete Angler (1962–1969)

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Simon Templar is on vacation at Miami Beach. He is a skilled angler, and tries to hire a fishing boat, but the captain, Patsy O'Kevin, says that his boat is already booked for three weeks by a couple named Uckrose. Back at the hotel Simon happens to meet Gloria Uckrose, and starts courting her. She is going with Patsy's fishing boat the next morning to her husband Clinton in Bimini, and asks Simon to accompany her on the boat. When they arrive to Bimini Dock four hours delayed, Clinton is furious, and his assistant, Vincent Innutio, tries to knock Simon down. When Clinton and Vincent some hours later find out that he is Simon Templar, The Saint, they get nervous and suspect that he is there to stop their criminal activities. Vincent wants to kill Simon immediately, but Clinton thinks that would be too risky. Instead they should get rid of Simon in a more clever way. Gloria will be used as a bait to lure him away from Bimini. But Simon has already noticed that they are acting in a ...

Although this first aired in 1962, Simon Templar is reading the Dec 20, 1958 issue of The New Yorker during his siesta on Bimini.

This episode features five performers who were later associated with the 007 James Bond franchise. Roger Moore (007: Spioon, kes mind armastas (1977), etc), Shirley Eaton, Roland Brand (007: Kuldsõrm (1964)), George Pravda and Paul Stassino (007: Keravälk (1965)).

Shirley Eaton had previously appeared in The Saint: The Talented Husband (1962), but playing a different character.

Anachronism: In the opening monologue, a woman is seen walking up the dock and past Simon holding a fish. Later, in two scenes, where a beer is taken out of the ice cooler, the same fish is seen. The fish is a salmon. There are no salmon in the waters of Miami, Florida or Bimini, Bahamas. Salmon are a northern cold water species.

Episode complete credited cast:
Roger Moore Roger Moore - Simon Templar
Shirley Eaton Shirley Eaton - Gloria Uckrose
George Pravda George Pravda - Clinton Uckrose
Patrick McAlinney Patrick McAlinney - Patsy O'Kevin (as Patrick McAllinney)
Paul Stassino Paul Stassino - Vincento Innutio
Jack Gwillim Jack Gwillim - Superintendent Marsh
Roland Brand Roland Brand - Dan Morrow
Kevin Scott Kevin Scott - Des
Gladys Taylor Gladys Taylor - Housekeeper
Ronald Wilson Ronald Wilson - Hotel Bartender
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