» » Dirty Talk A Rumble in the Jungle - Part 2 (2016– )

Short summary

Jo's Birthday party rages on. But how will Charlie take Jo's sudden confession? Will Cat finally stop hiding from Kurt? And will Markie and Abby get a moment alone?

Episode credited cast:
Samantha Baugnon Samantha Baugnon - Sutton
Alexa Berry Alexa Berry - Catherine Scott-Thompson
Antoine Coetzee Antoine Coetzee - Kurt Donovan
Chris D'Silva Chris D'Silva - Raul
Brianna Endrina Brianna Endrina - Markel Collins
Chezara Gureu Chezara Gureu - Bathroom Girl
Eryn Guyton Eryn Guyton - Abby
Ericson Just Ericson Just - Zack Schultze
Jessica O'Brian Jessica O'Brian - Joanna Ryan
William Sonnie William Sonnie - Charlie
Matt Steele Matt Steele - Sasha
Abu Swaleh Abu Swaleh - Logan
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