» » Hype Soundcheck (2019)

Short summary

Rakim Wilde has a breakthrough with the song. Ava runs into a conflict at VRC. Lina gets out of rehab in time to present Bulldoze with a new opportunity. Cris and Bulldoze have differing views about how to deal with Rakim.

Episode credited cast:
Melvin Gray Jr. Melvin Gray Jr. - Cris
J. Mardrice Henderson J. Mardrice Henderson - Todd Austen
Andie Morgenlander Andie Morgenlander - Ava English
Willie Raysor Willie Raysor - Smiles Davis
Leroy Shingu Leroy Shingu - Rakim Wilde
Zen Stewart Zen Stewart - Goldie
Robert Dartez Wright Robert Dartez Wright - Bulldoze
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