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Story of the Rosaire family, a 9th generation family of circus performers known for their unique and respectful manner of performing with animals, as they struggle to maintain their family heritage and adapt to the modern world of entertainment.

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    • Author: Vinainl
    Attended the first public screening of this film at the Sarasota Film Festival on 4/15/2007. It does a great job of conveying the love and concern that this wonderful show business family has for the many performing and retired animals that are in their care. Should this film be widely distributed it would alleviate many concerns that some of the public have regarding the use of animals in circuses. In addition to subject content, it is well shot and has excellent score. As a regular reviewer for the business newsletter "Circus Report and ShowBiz USA" I would have to say that this movie's successful release for either theaters or TV would be one of the most important events of our year.
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    • Author: Ceck
    This was a very nice documentary about a very strange family. Now I don't mean this in an insulting manner and I assume after watching this film that the Rosaire family themselves would agree that they are, indeed, strange people! The film is about a family who has been involved with animal acts and circuses for 8-9 generations! These folks don't just train animals--they love them and treat them like family. And, you could see that they genuinely loved them and vice-versa (I loved seeing the bears hugging and licking them as well as the way the chimps became like members of the family). I also liked this because I always felt uncomfortable seeing a few of the circus animal acts over the years--where the animals seemed listless and unhappy. This was not true with the Rosaire animals! I especially liked seeing the one chimp at a cookout with the family--and the chimp was doing the cooking! Wild! And, because the animals are so well treated, the segment where the act was being protested against by PETA actually made these do-gooders look a bit foolish--especially as one seemed to say that killing the animals humanely was better than letting the Rosaires care for them and show them! Incredible! I should warn you that although this was a VERY compelling film, it is also a bit sad. And, believe it or not, you might find yourself shedding a tear or two. Just see the movie and you'll see what I mean. Well made, interesting and a nice look into a bizarre yet amazing world.

    For me personally, this was a VERY exciting documentary to watch, as the folks in this film live very close to me--some as close as 10 minutes. I knew I lived around a lot of retired and semi-retired circus folks, but this was a rare and very enjoyable chance to look into their lives. It turns out that the Rosaire family has an animal sanctuary only about 10 minutes from my house--and they put on shows regularly. I sure know where I'm going next time I have a free day!
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    • Author: ladushka
    I had the opportunity to spend some time with the family before seeing the movie. This movie is simply amazing, the documentary was very well done but what makes this such a excellent film is the people involved in the Circus, I cried at least three times.

    It is so great to see people so dedicated to helping animals live such an amazing lives and they put their own lives on the line for these animals. I highly recommend this documentary to all that want to see an amazing people working with amazing animals, full of love. I have never seen first hand how you train a lion, tiger or a bear and they do it with love.
  • Credited cast:
    Clayton Rosaire Clayton Rosaire - Himself
    Derrick Rosaire Derrick Rosaire - Himself
    Ellian Rosaire Ellian Rosaire - Herself
    Frederick Rosaire Frederick Rosaire - Himself
    Kay Rosaire Kay Rosaire - Herself
    Pamela Rosaire-Zoppe Pamela Rosaire-Zoppe - Herself
    Dallas Zoppe Dallas Zoppe - Herself
    Roger Zoppe Roger Zoppe - Himself
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