» » El reloj (2008)

Short summary

Pablo, an ordinary soccer fan, meets Javier in the street when his watch stops working. Pablo asks Javier to share a taxi with him, and when they arrive at Pablo's, he invites him in. After watching TV with Pablo's cousin, Pablo asks Javier to spend the night there. In bed both the guys are ready to sleep. They don't. They wait for something to happen.

Cast overview:
Nahuel Viale Nahuel Viale - Juan Pablo
Ariel Nuñez Di Croce Ariel Nuñez Di Croce - Javier
Javier Morea Javier Morea - Primo
María Eugenia Fraguas María Eugenia Fraguas - Madre
Marina Horowitz Marina Horowitz - Novia de Juan Pablo
Ayelen Berger Ayelen Berger - Novia de Javier
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