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Cliff has been awarded Postman of the Year by his branch office - one of 267 awards given out in the Greater Boston area - and wants to have a woman on his arms at the Gala Postman's Ball. He ends up with what is an unusual problem for him - two dates - but the predicament he achieved in a typical Cliff manner. After he bribed Carla to go with him, his first choice of a date, Diane, who initially declined his platonic invitation due to a timing conflict, changed her mind and agreed to go with him. Cliff would rather go with "classy" Diane. Although the guys think he should go with Carla only because she said yes first and the fact that Carla would kill him if she found out he asked Diane first, Cliff makes up a story to Carla that someone else has expressed interest in going out with her instead. On a further bribe by Cliff, Carla agrees to the change. Diane with Cliff and Carla with who she coins "tall, dark and gruesome" double date, Diane unaware that Cliff asked Carla, and Carla ...

The first episode where Kelsey Grammer was added to the opening credits with a new picture card. Nicholas Colasanto's picture card remained in the credits for the fourth season, without the name, until this episode.

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    • Author: EROROHALO
    I'm giving this episode "only" a 7, because it represents the kind of high "average" quality (if that makes any sense) that Cheers consistently maintained. For most other comedy series, it would get an 8, or even a 9.

    The plot is standard sitcom, with Cheers' writers and actors showing what they could do with otherwise worn-out ideas.

    The most-interesting character is Cliff's co-worker, Lucas, played by Timothy Scott (usually billed as Tim Scott). The reason he looks so tall is not so much that he /is/ tall, but that everyone else is so short. The heights given in IMDb are exaggerated. For example...

    Tom Skerritt is listed as 6', but I'm 5'9", and almost tower over him. (He's a cute li'l scudder, 'bout 5'5".) Ted Danson is listed as 6'2", but in scenes with Skerritt, it's obvious he's only slightly taller.

    As Lucas, Scott resembles a badly wasted hippie, whose conversation is a series of near-incomprehensible mumbles. His best-known role was as Pea-Eye Parker in "Lonesome Dove", absolutely perfect casting.
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    • Author: HeonIc
    Cliff is having a postman ball and invites Diane to go with him. She says she is busy, so he invites Carla and has to pay her for coming but then Diane decides that it is better to go with Cliff and as he rather go with her he gets Carla another date as she finds out about it though she has a little revenge on him.

    Cliff is pretty fun in this episode, I like his character more and more. The scene where he follows Carla's advice and sings to Diane is hilarious, also thanks to Diane's great facial expressions.

    Carla's date was pretty fun as well, there wasn't too much of him and at first I thought it was the guy from Up'n smoke, but it was somebody else
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Ted Danson Ted Danson - Sam Malone
    Shelley Long Shelley Long - Diane Chambers
    Rhea Perlman Rhea Perlman - Carla Tortelli
    John Ratzenberger John Ratzenberger - Cliff Clavin
    Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson - Woody Boyd
    George Wendt George Wendt - Norm Peterson
    Timothy Scott Timothy Scott - Lucas
    Al Rosen Al Rosen - Al
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