» » Noah's Park Cry Angel (2017– )

Short summary

When Honk the camel finds some odd shaped pieces of wood, he is determined to use them to build a new invention. At first, his other friends are excited about his new effort, but all but Screech and Shadow soon abandon him.

Episode credited cast:
Jonathan Alvarez Jonathan Alvarez - Puppet coordinator / puppeteer
Maria Baglien Maria Baglien - Squawk / Bleep Bleep
Jason Bortz Jason Bortz - Screech / Dreamer / Howler / Ponder / Sneaker
Autumn Skye Destarac-Saldana Autumn Skye Destarac-Saldana - Puppeteer
Mindy Fortune Mindy Fortune - Stretch
Al Gomez Al Gomez - Puppeteer
Andrew Hays Andrew Hays - Puppeteer
Geni Hays Geni Hays - Puppeteer
R.L. Hays R.L. Hays - Puppeteer
Jennifer Jenealle Jennifer Jenealle - Shadow (as Jennifer Bortz)
Johanna Luis Johanna Luis - Ivory / Flutter
Ray Nakamoto Ray Nakamoto - Honk
Cynthia Pereira Cynthia Pereira - Puppet dance choreography / puppeteer
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