» » Graines de grenades (2014)

Short summary

Chirine, a Moroccan prostitute in her 30s, falls in love with a young painter from a high-ranking family. In order to try and lead a normal life like other respectable women, she tries to escape the nighttime world in which she lives. However, societal prejudices make it difficult for Chirine to escape her past.

Cast overview:
Zahia Zahiri Zahia Zahiri
Abdellatif Chaouqi Abdellatif Chaouqi
Abderrazak Zitouny Abderrazak Zitouny
Abdellah Ferkous Abdellah Ferkous
Fatima Tihihit Fatima Tihihit
Tariq Bakhari Tariq Bakhari
Zineb Smaiki Zineb Smaiki
Hanane Belhoussine Hanane Belhoussine
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