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After her father dies and she moves to a new town, Mackie wants to join a certain gang/band. But they've got this boys-only rule. So Mackie comes up with an audacious plan...only it begins to backfire.

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    • Author: Adrietius
    In France,This film was so popular they showed it again and again but nobody complained about it, because it's such a good film.The music is fabulous,the actors are good and the story is very interesting. Even if it was made nearly in the 90s you get a real 80s feel out of that film,The costumes like those black gloves and the blue jeans with pieces of it cut out,the music which is mainly synthesizer and even the location,everybody who was a child during that period would know what I mean. There is plenty of TV family film out there but none as good as this one. This film is a TV classic,like Mac Daniels gangs would say CHALENGEEEEEEER!!!!!!.
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    • Author: Samutilar
    After her father dies, Mackie and her mum move to a new town. Things are going quite well and Mackie makes some new friends, including a young girl named Jenny. What Mackie really wants though is to join a certain gang, who also have there own band. The only problem is, the gang who are made up of three boys, have a rule. No girls allowed. So, Mackie comes up with a strange plan, she pretends to be a boy, in order to hang out with them. After a while though things begin to backfire.

    The Challengers is a wonderful movie which is a must-see for everyone. It's one of my all time favourites. It features a wonderful cast and some lovely music. I give this brilliant movie a 10/10.
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    • Author: Weiehan
    I remember when I was 4 or 5, this was one of my favorite movies. I wish it was on DVD. It's been about 17 years since I have seen it, and I forget a lot about what happens, but I'll never forget the great song at the end. It's a wholesome kids movie unlike many movies these days and it tells a valuable lesson. If I remember correctly, this movie was played on the Disney Channel a lot. OUt of all the movies I saw as a kid, this one sticks out in my mind as one of the best. If you liked that show called Music for Kids, you will probably like this simply because of the great song at the end. If anyone knows where I can find this movie for purchase I'd like to know.
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    • Author: MegaStar
    I had never seen this movie up until about two months ago and now my life is complete. The only thing wrong with this movie is that they didn't put out a soundtrack. The song "I'll find My Way Home" is so inspirational and I would love to have a copy of it someday. Everyone should see this movie and become a Challenger!
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    • Author: Ceck
    Something I like about Canada are its movies. This teaches a lesson in how parents should educate their children. The director deals with the topic excellently, and the locations could not be better! It is a move to be seen over and over again. The music is wonderful.
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    • Author: net rider
    This was my favorite movie when I was younger and waited for it to be on tv every year. Finally when I got older it was on tv once more and I managed to tape it. I highly recommend this to everyone who loves a good family film that has a great story, but without the added crap of "modern" swearing and violence. Just a simple story that's good enough for everyone to enjoy.
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    • Author: Marg
    "I'll Find My Way Home" the song performed by the Challengers at the end of the movie, can be found on KaZaa. It's not exactly like the one on the movie, but it is the song performed by the guy who wrote it.
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    • Author: Togar
    I hate to admit that I like this movie. It is sweet, good, clean with no bad people and a story to tell..and something for us to all learn. A great movie for kids (I am 60 by the way.) A girl's father dies and she misses him a great deal. She pretends to be a boy to join a band.

    Gema Zamprogna plays Macki/Mac and does an excellent job. She seems so real and you don't feel that she is acting. All the kids in the movie seem to be very real to life. Gema was born in 1976 and the movie is listed as a 1989 TV movie. She seems younger in the movie.

    It seems that Canada turns out some excellent movies. I am not sure if government support of the arts has something to do with it or if they just try harder.

    Some movies make you feel good about life and about kids and this is one of them. Other movies are; "My Dog Skip", "The Mighty", "Bruno" and "ma Vie En Rose" and many others. If you have not seen "The Challengers" watch it with your kids or grand children. Feel good.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Gwynyth Walsh Gwynyth Walsh - Angie Daniels
    Eric Christmas Eric Christmas - Zack
    Gema Zamprogna Gema Zamprogna - Mackie / Mac Daniels
    Steven Andrade Steven Andrade - Jonathan
    Martin Smits Martin Smits - Carroll
    Matthew Beckett Matthew Beckett - Lennon
    Sarah Sawatsky Sarah Sawatsky - Jenny Blair
    Karen Barker Karen Barker - Miss Adair
    Kirsty Elgert Kirsty Elgert - Lisa
    Wayne Nicklas Wayne Nicklas - Officer Blair
    Tom Anniko Tom Anniko - Carroll's Dad
    Michael Gottli Michael Gottli - Ron
    Susanna Portnoy Susanna Portnoy - Jonathan's Mom
    John Bluethner John Bluethner - Jonathan's Dad
    Jan Skene Jan Skene - Mrs. Blair
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