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On Christmas Eve, two crooks break into the Second National Bank in New York. When the alarm is raised, they flee the crime scene and stow away inside a rocket which is delivering presents to a local children's hospital. One of those presents is an invitation to be a guest at Tracy Island for Christmas.

The models of the Thunderbird vehicles seen on the table in front of Jeff in the opening scene were commercially available at the time of this episode's initial broadcast (25 December, 1966). They are the "Thunderbirds" model toys produced by J. Rosenthal (Toys) Ltd. Unfortunately, Rosenthal's Thunderbird 5 didn't look very much like the genuine article, so it does not appear in this scene.

This is the only episode where Lady Penelope is featured without her chauffeur Parker.

Last show of the series.

On the Christmas episode Thunderbirds: Give or Take a Million (1966), there are calendars indicating that Christmas day is a Sunday, which it actually will be in 2067, when the episode is set.

User reviews

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    • Author: elektron
    Oh the fun Gerry Anderson must have had in getting this episode aired - throughout the vault break in sequence there is displayed a case marked CUN -7; and another marked PUS - M. A totally delicious subversion of form - Bunuel and Felliini had to adjust their parameters based on this sublime essay. T'Birds was always a thousand years ahead of its time - and the best bit is that the story revolves around charity, love, and Brains creating snow on a tropical island on a Sunday on Christmas Day. Maximum points.
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    • Author: Umrdana
    Give Or Take A Million ends the original series of Thunderbirds with a whimper instead of a bang. The episode has none of the redeeming qualities that made the show so great; once again, the Tracy's allow a young boy on to the island, the story has no excitement, it's all told in flashback (which I'm not a fan of personally), and, the biggest sin of all, there is no rescue mission. The final scenes where Brains makes Tracy Island snow are charming enough, however, the episode would have been so much better if it contained the series' usual elements, and that would have made it more enjoyable.

    A real shame.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Sylvia Anderson Sylvia Anderson - Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward / Nicky / Nurse Nimmo (voice)
    Ray Barrett Ray Barrett - John Tracy / Scobie / Harman / Security Chief Joe (voice)
    Peter Dyneley Peter Dyneley - Jeff Tracy / Preston (voice)
    Christine Finn Christine Finn - Tin-Tin Kyrano / Grandma Tracy (voice)
    David Graham David Graham - Gordon Tracy / Brains / Kyrano / Straker / 2nd Santa (Leo) (voice)
    Shane Rimmer Shane Rimmer - Scott Tracy (voice)
    Jeremy Wilkin Jeremy Wilkin - Virgil Tracy / Dr. Pringle / Saunders / TV Reporter / 1st Santa (voice)
    Matt Zimmerman Matt Zimmerman - (voice) (credit only)
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