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Mostafa, is a young man travelled to Ukraine seeking work opportunity with Egyptian community there. Accidentally he became engaged in a kidnapping of an Egyptian scientist.

The movie is the first film of the author Dr/Nabil Farouk.

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    • Author: Bele
    i went to see this movie because i am an Ahmad Ezz fan. I thought it would be a boring mundane, movie with cheap effects. Since i knew from the beginning that it would be an action flick as the writer is Nabil Farouk, a famous Egyptian writer who more or less plagiarizes western ideas, Egyptianize them...and give a good interesting plot...the movie was exactly to watch...the screenplay was funny and witty....the female costar Yasmine Abdelaziz was a bit 'over' as usual. She doesn't change that much from one movie to another, she acts herself most of the time. Nour, the crazy super villain was surprisingly good in her role, she managed to act well with the right amount of exaggeration . The director Sandra gets better from one film to another. I think overall it was a good entertaining Egyptian action not expect Oscar material and you will enjoy the fun.So not recommended for movie snobs....
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    • Author: Doulkree
    Sandra wasn't lucky in this movie like her first movie Mallaky Eskendria . In Rahina.Al if you saw the name you will imagine the kind of that movie is action but when you watch it you will find the movie is drama and comedy more than action so it was poor in some parts but in final it is just a movie like others no difference between it and any movie but i wish luck for Sandra in next movies because when we watched Mallaky Eskendria she make an excellent work and nice tricks we are never seen those in arabic movies we just saw those at foreign movies Ahmed Ezz was bad in comedy it can;t be his role in any movie .Yassmine Abdul-Aziz was good in her role . Nour really was a strange in her new look but she was beauty .
  • Credited cast:
    Ahmed Ezz Ahmed Ezz - Mostafa
    Yasmin Abdulaziz Yasmin Abdulaziz - Lina
    Nour Nour - Erina
    Maged El-Kidwani Maged El-Kidwani - Kalawi (as Maged El Kedwany)
    Salah Abdullah Salah Abdullah - Dr. Makram Sahab
    Mohamed Sharaf Mohamed Sharaf - Emad
    Sameh El-Sereety Sameh El-Sereety - Farouq
    Ashraf Meslehi Ashraf Meslehi - Bakr
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Diana Starkova Diana Starkova - Nastya
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