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Lars Hyde is depressed. He's lost his best friend, he's being bullied at school, his parents are divorcing... He is ready to give up. It takes a group of misfits to show him what real friendship is. Follow Lars as he tries to find his place in this dark, funny and ultimately uplifting teen coming of age tale.

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    • Author: energy breath
    Director Joe Grisaffi screened this film at our university and it completely exceeded my expectations! The script is beautifully written by Gilmore, who also gives a lovable performance as Lars with the help of a charismatic and varied supporting cast. Grisaffi is a wonderful director who isn't afraid to take risks with style or content. It's a very funny film but also very poignant story about depression, adulthood and friendship. It never gets too dark, neither does it get too corny. Grisaffi himself is a very friendly guy who is extremely passionate about what he does, so it was awesome to get to meet him! As a film lover, I totally recommend this movie.
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    • Author: Jorad
    Lars the Emo Kid is a must see! The director, Joe Grisaffi did a brilliant job in portraying the messages of what teens may go through in tough situations at home, school and not to mention dealing with depression, death, social awkwardness and peer pressure. The characters were believable and very relate-able. The film delivers a serious message while being very entertaining at the same time. This is a great movie for teens to see they are not alone in their troubles and there is hope for a better day. Paxton Gilmore, Nicole Elliot, and Sara Gaston are outstanding actors in the film. This is a must see film for the teen years and above! I highly recommend this very entertaining and heartfelt film. So good I will watch again!
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    • Author: Aurizar
    This movie does a great job exploring depression and related issues that teens (or really anyone) face, without being too "dark" or "heavy." It was the perfect movie to lift my spirits on a rainy, gloomy day. The characters are quirky and funny, yet totally believable and relatable. There is one scene in particular, involving shopping carts (I won't say more so as not to spoil), that had me laughing out loud. Kudos to the writer/ lead actor, Paxton Gilmore. His portrayal of Lars really carried this film. Also to the director, Joe Grisaffi, who pulled everything together nicely. Overall, a great independent film! I highly recommend it!
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    • Author: Zeueli
    Being honest I didn't know what to expect from this movie. After seeing it though, I have been inspired by the many messages the movie portrays. From real issues dealing with today's youth, to marriage and dealing with death. drugs, friends, influences, relationships and marriage. This is a powerful film that should get be seen by youth. If you get a chance to see it please do! Even though there are some tough scenes this movie gives a real and pretty accurate view into the world of a teenagers. This movie will encourage you to speak to the social awkward kid, that you may not understand in a whole new light. Hope the messages in this movie will motivate many adults to remember how hard todays youth experience the world.
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    • Author: นℕĨĈტℝ₦
    Lars the Emo kid is an independent movie which manages to simultaneously entertain and deliver a serious message. Director, Joe Grisaffi, works his synergistic magic here pulling together great writing, genius casting and his own talent to create a cinematic experience that defies it's budget.

    The characters are believable without going over the top, but never take themselves too seriously. Lars the Emo Kid is underpinned by gentle wit with occasional laugh out loud moments when it all gets too ridiculous. Go see this movie, and make sure you take a troubled teen with you. Nicole Elliott, Paxton Gilmore and Sara Gaston are the stand-out talent in this feature.
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    • Author: Wyameluna
    Looks great and some of the acting is actually pretty OK, but where's the effing story? Nothing happens, nothing to engage you, no dramatic questions are raised. And in no Universe could this film ever be described as a comedy. Give this one a wide berth.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Paxton Gilmore Paxton Gilmore - Lars Hyde
    Nicole Elliott Nicole Elliott - Rosemary
    Jake Byrd Jake Byrd - Jason (as Jacob Byrd)
    Joe Grisaffi Joe Grisaffi - Principal on P.A. / Shopping Cart (voice)
    Tedd Dicus Tedd Dicus - Homeplate Umpire
    Marque Mccoy Marque Mccoy - Field Umpire
    Jake Messinger Jake Messinger - The Coach
    Air Saturn Air Saturn - Phillip
    Chris Warren Chris Warren - Skeeter
    Eric C. Schneider Eric C. Schneider - Blake (as Eric Schneider)
    Mel House Mel House - Baseball Game Heckler
    ThreeZo Hill ThreeZo Hill - Third Base Coach
    Brandon K. Hampton Brandon K. Hampton - Swing the Bat! (as Brandon Hampton)
    Ashley Stern Ashley Stern - Baseball fan - Student
    Sara Gaston Sara Gaston - Cindy
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