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    • Author: SmEsH
    Saw ROADHEAD at a party last week, and was truly amazed by this unique and eye-grabbing style of animation. I am surprised that this has not either been stolen or capitalized upon by now, as I've never seen anything quite like it before. I applaud the filmmakers for presenting a brand-new approach to animation (or, at least, a brand-new interpretation of something that is already done). As far as the piece, I felt it was quite long, never went anywhere, and, being a documentary, suffered because it had absolutely nothing to say. However, the piece is such a striking technical accomplishment that the lack of substance can probably be overlooked.
  • Credited cast:
    Henry W. Andrews Henry W. Andrews - Rocky
    Elton Bailey Elton Bailey - Not a mechanic
    Charles B. Hamm III Charles B. Hamm III - Life is a circle
    Dante Harper Dante Harper - Hardwired for narrative (as D.W. Harper)
    James D. Ilooper James D. Ilooper - 'Don't Want No Crime, Lady'
    Winter Israel Winter Israel - I smelled him
    Claudia McClelland Claudia McClelland - How fun
    Tommy Pallotta Tommy Pallotta - hey Claudia
    Elaine M. Phillips Elaine M. Phillips - 'It takes flight - it's casual'
    Bob Sabiston Bob Sabiston - Ummm
    Neil Thomas Neil Thomas - Bankrobber
    Colleen T. White Colleen T. White - what am I looking at
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