» » Wake (2009)

Short summary

During a wake held in the home of a slain photographer, the young man's ten-year-old brother confronts a room of somber faces as he tries to make sense of what has happened to his hero. Determined to make this event something more than a day of mourning, the boy decides to honor him the best way he knows how - by documenting the wake with his brother's camera.

Credited cast:
Christopher Kutil Christopher Kutil - Nicky
Jimmi Kilduff Jimmi Kilduff - Jeremy
Anne James Anne James - Sherry
Wayne Maugans Wayne Maugans - John
Stephen C. Bradbury Stephen C. Bradbury - Father Dan
Cynthia LaForte Cynthia LaForte - Candice
Garrett Hendricks Garrett Hendricks - Neil
Anthony Patellis Anthony Patellis - Vince
Teddy Alvaro Teddy Alvaro - Robbie
Jacob Green Jacob Green - Andrew
Jordan Long Jordan Long - Lee
Dylan Korn Dylan Korn - Steve
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Danny Boushebel Danny Boushebel - Mourner
Maria Diaz Maria Diaz - Mourner
Dennis K. Philbert Dennis K. Philbert - Mourner
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