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Short summary

Bricki & Rocky follows the absurd adventures of Bricki Riggs Podaskoot and Rocky Acropolis. One-hit wonder Rocky appears to have an ego without measure. Bricki finds herself in a universe designed to drive her into madness, except she's a bit more insane than the universe.

Credited cast:
J. Alan Nelson J. Alan Nelson - Rocky Acropolis
Laura L. Martin Laura L. Martin - Bricki Riggs Podaskoot
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
John Aleman John Aleman - Gustavo Xalais
Stan-Lee Ray Baker Stan-Lee Ray Baker - The Stalker
Susan Bennett Susan Bennett - Susan Siri Bennett
Brandi Jamille Brown Brandi Jamille Brown - Anna Palabra
Robert Darden Robert Darden - Robert Bobby Bob Darden
Woody Wilson Hall Woody Wilson Hall - Woody Acropolis
Joellee LeClair Joellee LeClair - Shanda September
Sarissa Marwitz Sarissa Marwitz - Sally Wamboldt
Robert T. McDorman Robert T. McDorman - Arno Lockchester
Pamela L. Paek Pamela L. Paek - P.J. Boulevard
Amber Shae Amber Shae - JoJo January
Alicia Underwood Alicia Underwood - Tilda Podaskoot
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