» » Whoever You Are... (2018)

Short summary

Amongst the iconic landmarks of London, a man overwhelmed by despair and burden by life, stands on a bridge contemplating finding peace at the bottom of the Thames. A concerned stranger stops and urges him to reconsider. Will her actions act as a catalyst in his life or death decision? At once unique and entirely familiar; a timeless story that explores hope and despair.

The Westwood Sisters' own film production company, Hawkwood Productions, was named Hawkwood to represent two important elements to the siblings. Firstly family, as the name has strong family connections. The name also originates from two places in England, Shropshire and Yorkshire, which coincidentally is where the sisters' mother and father were born. Secondly, Visionary Power. Hawks are a species of bird of prey, traditionally associated with vision and intuition. The aim of the production company is to create work, which will move and inspire audiences, by leading with a strong artistic vision.

Credited cast:
Kevin Fuller Kevin Fuller - The Man
Annette Westwood Annette Westwood - The Woman
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