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In addition to reviewing four new movies, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert pay tribute to Greta Garbo, who had recently passed away.

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    • Author: Steel_Blade
    Siskel & Ebert (1990)

    Season 4, Episode 30

    This week's episode reviews MIAMI BLUES, VITAL SIGNS, LISA and CHATTAHOOCHEE with its all-star cast including Dennis Hopper and Gary Oldman. It's funny looking back on these episodes because you run into weeks that remind you of great movies you might have forgotten about or, in week's like this one, you see titles that have faded from memory for a reason. This episode features titles that really aren't well-remembered or even known here in 2018 and that includes the horror film LISA. The film is ripped by the two critics who go on their rants against slasher movies yet again here. The episode also features a nice tribute to Greta Garbo who had passed away the week before. All in all this is another fun episode that fans will enjoy.
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