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Short summary

Paul dares Jane finally to date again and arranges a nice dinner mate, who alas turns out a criminal. Grayson and Owen are hired by young graduate Paul, who earned half a million selling shares to people entitling them to vote on every (legal, non-harmful- choice in his life, and danced to their crazy tunes as a good sport, but now can't accept their veto to his marriage plans with Hannah Walton, so the 'firm' must be dissolved. Stacy is evicted, having lost patience with Jane's jealous girl friend code claim on Owen who fell in love with her, Jane is forced to face facts when bumping in to the real Jane's therapist Dr. Reza, whose couples therapy consisting in partner trade without sexual claim first incurred damage claims from one couple for a wrecked luxury shower, then breaks up both marriages for adultery, yet both adulterers hire Jane to represent them, being left penniless due to prenuptials.

"Hannah Walton" portrayed by Stacy Stas is real life girlfriend (now wife) to Jackson Hurst, also know as "Grayson Kent"

The name "Reza" for the couples' therapist, Dr. Reza, is the name of Kate Levering's real life husband Reza Jahangiri.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Brooke Elliott Brooke Elliott - Jane Bingum
Margaret Cho Margaret Cho - Teri Lee
Jackson Hurst Jackson Hurst - Grayson Kent
Kate Levering Kate Levering - Kim Kaswell (credit only)
April Bowlby April Bowlby - Stacy Barrett
Lex Medlin Lex Medlin - Owen French
Justin Deeley Justin Deeley - Paul
Illeana Douglas Illeana Douglas - Dr. Reza
David Alpay David Alpay - Frank Neubauer
Elizabeth Bond Elizabeth Bond - Bev Globerman
Todd Terry Todd Terry - Bob Globerman
Josh Ventura Josh Ventura - Richard McMann
Lisa Goldstein Kirsch Lisa Goldstein Kirsch - Rachel McMann
Stacy Stas Hurst Stacy Stas Hurst - Hannah Walton (as Stacy Stas)
Wilbur Fitzgerald Wilbur Fitzgerald - Judge Graphia
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