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In medieval centuries, a handful of nutmegs worth more than a crate of gold in European Markets. Monopoly of the Arab and the crusade wars brought European countries in the race to find spice islands, which later sparked the clash of nations. Banda, the only place where nutmegs grew, became the place European nations fought over. The Dutch relinquished their claim to Manhattan in exchange for Rhun, a small island in Banda, an English colony, to gain monopoly of the lucrative nutmeg and mace trade. In Banda, the first slavery and massacre happened in Indonesia. But there too, the spirit of nationalism and multicultural identity was born.

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    • Author: Doath
    This is the best medium for a history lecture, ever.

    In a very visually-appealing and engaging way, this documentary movie takes the perspectives of historians and key people with first-hand experiences related to Banda Island (in the Moluccas) to tell a story about how the island had experienced glory, got through colonialism, became a site where respected figures and people from across Indonesia were exiled, resulting in probably (once) the most multi-cultural island in Indonesia. It also tells the current condition and hopes for Banda.

    Definitely a high-quality must-watch. Well done, Jay Subiyakto and team!
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    • Author: Akinohn
    The documentary movie "Banda: The Dark Forgotten Trail" is visually stunning in parts but a narrative mess with disjointed clips telling several stories without a coherent structure. The director's visual self indulgence is unrestrained ("I let the six DoPs shoot any scenes they wanted") and this buries the narrative rhythm and suffocates any dramatic development of a story. A study of uncontrolled excess and style over substance.
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    Ario Bayu Ario Bayu - Narrator
    Reza Rahadian Reza Rahadian - Narrator
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