» » Longines Chronoscope Episode dated 3 October 1951 (1951–1955)

Short summary

Huie and Hunt interview Brigadier General Bonner F. Fellers, an expert on psychological warfare, concerning the state of American defenses, maintaining air supremacy and the current military budget.
Huie and Lt. Col. Ansel E. Talbert interview General George C. Kenney of the U.S. Air Force. Topics include the importance of air power when conducting military operations and the development of a radar system in the Canadian arctic to detect incoming Soviet bombers in the event of war.

Episode credited cast:
Bonner F. Fellers Bonner F. Fellers - Himself - American General (as Brig. Gen. Bonner F. Fellers)
William Bradford Huie William Bradford Huie - Himself - Panelist
Frazier Hunt Frazier Hunt - Himself - Panelist
George C. Kenney George C. Kenney - Himself - American General (as General George C. Kenney)
Frank Knight Frank Knight - Himself - Host
Ansel E. Talbert Ansel E. Talbert - Himself - Panelist (as Lt. Col. Ansel E. Talbert)
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