» » Sugarfoot Angel (1957–1961)

Short summary

Riding through Leadville, where a ruthless group of thugs has been forcing out or killing anyone who stakes out rival mine claims, Tom comes across a deaf-mute girl who's father has just been murdered by them. The killers think she can't identify them, but Toothy Thompson, who knows sign language, can communicate with her and finds out she can. Toothy and Tom are both deputized by the local sheriff, and Bronco Layne also arrives in town to help out.

Episode cast overview:
Will Hutchins Will Hutchins - Tom Brewster
Cathy O'Donnell Cathy O'Donnell - Angel
Jack Elam Jack Elam - Toothy Thompson
Bruce Gordon Bruce Gordon - Jack Ellis
Ann Robinson Ann Robinson - Marie McTavish
Percy Helton Percy Helton - John McTavish
Frank Albertson Frank Albertson - Sheriff Billy Boyce
John Pickard John Pickard - Windy Creel
Max Baer Jr. Max Baer Jr. - Frank (as Max Baer)
Charles Fredericks Charles Fredericks - Big Ed
John Cason John Cason - Chad
Terry Frost Terry Frost - Mr. Wilson
Ty Hardin Ty Hardin - Bronco Layne
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