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Short summary

The short was originally produced and completed in 2007, with a soundtrack of copyright music including Hot Chip - Over and Over (for the opening scene) and Slipknot - sic (for the chase scene). In fact the scenes in question were conceived by Skempton while listening to those songs. The Film was screened to a private audience (and a warm reception) in the Summer of 2007. In 2015, Skempton re-edited the Film, with trims here and there, new sound effects and some re-arrangement of the closing scenes, and implemented a Royalty-free soundtrack (by Kevin MacLeod) for release on YouTube, and a public screening at an Art show in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Filmed largely in the public eye, the members of the public seen in the Film are not Extras, but people going about their daily lives. During a failed take of the long shot of Chris walking up the path (towards the alley), a woman came over and stopped Chris Taylor to warn him that a man was following him with a camera. He assured her that he knew the man (Sam Skempton) and that they were making a Film.

The 'blood' hitting the wall was tomato ketchup, being squirted from the type of bottle typically found in Fish and Chip shops.

The 'knife' thrown into the River Thames was actually a stick (this can be discerned when watching frame-by-frame).

Credited cast:
Matt Holland Matt Holland - Murder Victim
Sol Rikweda Sol Rikweda - Killer
Chris Taylor Chris Taylor - Chris
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