» » Heartland Thicker Than Water (2007– )

Short summary

Lou and Amy have lunch with their dad at the ranch, and afterward Lou is hurt by how easily Amy and her father get along. Jack goes on a fly fishing date. Ty enlists Mallory's help in an unorthodox horse training idea.

Episode cast overview:
Amber Marshall Amber Marshall - Amy Fleming
Michelle Morgan Michelle Morgan - Samantha Louise 'Lou' Fleming
Shaun Johnston Shaun Johnston - Jack Bartlett
Chris Potter Chris Potter - Tim Fleming
Graham Wardle Graham Wardle - Ty Borden
Nathaniel Arcand Nathaniel Arcand - Scott Cardinal (credit only)
Jessica Amlee Jessica Amlee - Mallory Wells
Wanda Cannon Wanda Cannon - Val Stanton
Jessica Steen Jessica Steen - Lisa Stillman
Suzanne Coy Suzanne Coy - Maggie Duval
Jennie Evamy-Hill Jennie Evamy-Hill - 15 year-old Lou
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